English rose

Apirat is half human and demon who lives in bangkok Thailand and he's a vampire hunter, working with doctor Vanhelzing. Until one day he met Eric Harker beautiful young english man that will chang his life he started to falling in love with Eric after Eric had save his life from Dracular what will happened if the vampire hunter falling in love with the vampire.


1. Eric Harker

Eric Harker My name is Eric Harker son of Jonathan Harker and Mina Harker. I was born after my parent had a battle with count dracular from Romania. Somehow I believe that Vlad Dracu had died for long time before I was born. My face looks exactly like my mother Mina I had nothing like my dad. I was born in United Kingdom years 1870 my parent died when I’m 21 years old and I’m a college student I’m study English literature which is my favorite subject I love to read books and I also study fine art cause I love to draw. I was suppose to have fun with my friends in college I even met a young girl Hannah and I had a great feeling for her, but then something that I didn’t expected it to happened well it did while we were having a party before I went back to the boy dormitory I didn’t know the strange shadow figure behind my back moving very fast. First I was scare so I turn around but then I saw nothing so I walk back with the books on my hand I had to finish my homework assignment about William Shakespear’s work. I like to read Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, King Lia learning English literature isn’t very easy sometime you can’t choose your favorite novel the assignment had to be given by the professor sometime I’ve got to read Mary Sherry novel Frankenstien. So far I like to read classic novel like the grim tales and manymore. Ok well I didn’t think too much after I turn around and saw nothing I start to ignore it maybe I spending too much time reading the books and didn’t had enough sleep so my mind can play tricks on me so I kept on walking and I was shock when I saw a man stood in front of me he’s a tall muscular man wearing a suit in victorian times had semi long hair and wearing sunglasses. He wearing a long black cape and black leather gloves his skin is very pale like sick people. “Mina” his voice is icy cold I was froze with fear I try to run but my body is stiff like a statue I couldn’t move my leg then he takes of his sunglasses and look deep into my eyes my brain tells me to run but my body wouldn’t listen we were in the dark corner nobody saw us then I drop my books on the floor and my knees wobble I felt the strong arm of this muscular man holding my body and his fang in my neck. The image started to blurr and I couldn’t see anything my mind went blank and my eyes close The next morning I wake up on bed in the castle bedroom. It looks like an old castle but well decorated the lamppost bedpost and also the cushion I look up on the ceiling there were a cloth hanging on all side of the bed. “Ah you’re awake” I look at the man that I met before I faint I didn’t know what happened after that I still think I’m at the Cambridge University as you can see Cambridge is very difficult to get in only you had to be very smart or had good grade. It tooks me like a month before I can get to Cambridge it’s not very easy, but then my dream had fall apart after I’ve got bitten from a vampire. “Who are you? Why am I here?” I ask him “You might think I’m already death you look a lot like your mother” he said and sit on the bed near me with his hand of my cheek before he kiss me “My mother she died after gave birth to me” I said I haven’t got a chance to get to know her, but my father Jonathan Harker never blame me for her death after she gave birth to me. “But doctor Vanhelzing already killed you with my father” “Things had change my dear I can’t tell you how I survive” he said his English assent is weird “I’ve been watching you for months since the day you were born and grown up as a beautiful young man. You must have known me I’m professor Henry teaching English literature and history” Yes I do remember I saw him in our class teaching English literature history and fine arts. He’s very emotional, but somehow I find him a bit creepy the way he looks at me and the way he talks. “Wait what are you doing” I jump and move back close to bedpost when he rolls up his sleeve and showing his white arm “No Professor Henry I can’t” “If you don’t drink blood you will died” he said Oh dear lord what happened to me I think before I could take his arm and sunk my fang into his wrist, had to admit that it tasted good until he slowly pull off ok that’s my dinner I don’t need to eat human food just only drink blood to survive from now on.
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