Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


34. " Someone Who Isn't Me "

Sofia's POV

I was at my dressing at GMA, I was beginning to think that I was a favorite here. Today they wanted me to sing " Shut Up " from my fourth studio album ' STOP '.

My stylist did my hair in swirls which was tied in a bun and let my side bangs down. My make-up was a nuterual calor with pink lips, black mascara, nude eye shadow, nude blush and a black wing. They let me pick what I can wear so I picked some tight baby pink shorts and sky blue sweater with white sandals with heels

I was going through some lyrics just to make sure I don't mess up later when my manager came in saying I needed to get in my position.

They told me to sit on a square box next to a speaker so I did. I took my signature mic and got into place.

When the show started, I started singing too

Shut Up

Verse 1

I have ears and a mouth

But in this relationship

I don't think I have a mouth

Cause I'm too afraid to speak and stand for myself

Verse 2

I get embarrassed all the time

Cause I'm like a lost dog

That you captured an held by the neck

And I laughed at how stupid I am to listen to you

To listen to a jerk


So shut up cause I've had enough listening

And I know you can't understand that

So let me spell it out for you


Are the letters for you

Verse 3

For you I was the sweet girl next door

But deep inside I can burn houses of four

Every time I complaine about not givin my opinion

You keep callin me a brat

What's up with that?

Verse 4

Only wanted me for pride and joy

Well come on for atleast once think of my joy

Showed me a cute generous guy before

But now I saw how stupid I am for falling for a jerk

( Repeat Chrous )

Bridge ( End )

I'm not mean at all

You just got the worst of me

Because you used me and abused me

And even beat me up 27 time a day


( Repeat Chorusx2 )

I stopped singing and smiled at the audience. Everyone was amazing. They all cheered while I smiled as a thank you and waved at them

I was scrolling through the crowd when somethi- no no no someone caught my eye. Someone who was wearing a grey oversized hoodie, grey baggy pants and obviousely not cleaned sneakers. But what really caught my eye was his peircing green emerald eyes and some curls sticking out of his hood. He was Harry

I looked at him for a few minutes and looked somewhere else cause first, people would find out who he is and second, I can't see him in that condition. He had red eyes and nose and tons of eyebags under his eyes. Because of him going missing, the lads decided to take a break until we find him. Now I found him but, I can't return him like this, they'll think I'm a selfish bitch for my decision. Well, maybe I was being a selfish bitch to him and everyone who doesn't know why I had to do that.

I kept smilling and waving at the audience then finally went backstage. The crew, staff, managers and I all high fived and hugged each other.

I went back to my dressing room and changed back into my black skinny jeans, pink hoodie and pink converse. I put my other clothes back into my bag and said goodbye to everyone

I was walking back to my car when an arm stopped me and pulled me close to HIM.

Pretty soon, I was locked back into the eyes of Harry. The eyes I can't seem to look away at. Our stare broke when he finally spoke.

" Please Sofia, I need you just please " he pleaded and looked into my eyes while the tears were bulding up inside his eyes, I know I felt my own tears build up " Harry, this isn't good for you, eat, sleep and please go back to your band " I pleaded, I didn't want to answer his statement before " I won't, I won't unless you be mine again " he threated which made my life harder, I can't see him like this any longer, not eating, not sleeping, he could die because of this, because of me " hell's sake! can't you see Harry, I did this to you, you don't deserve me! " I exclaimed as both the tears in our eyes streamed down " but you're the one I want " he said and grabbed my hands but I jerked them away " I'm hurting you, you don't deserve a bitch, go find someone who's best for you, who can take care of you, someone who isn't me " I said and walked away

Once I got to my car, I cried on the stirring wheel for a good 10 minutes until I finally dried my tears and drove back to my flat.

Once I got in the parking area, I parked my car and entered my flat and slammed the door behind me. I instantly regreted slamming the door cause I remembered that Darcy was home.

I went to her nursery and saw that Darcy's crib was EMPTY!!! Wait, don't panick Sofia, maybe the boys still haven't returned her. I took my phone and started calling Louis.

" Lou, did you guys return Darcy back to my flat? "- Sofia

" Well, Zayn said he'd take Darcy home, ask him I really don't know Sof "- Louis

" Ok, thanks "- Sofia

" Welcs, bye "- Louis

I hung up and scrolled my contacts to find Zayn's number. Finally, I found it and called him

" Hey Zayn, Louis said you were the one driving Darcy home, when will you drop her off to my flat? "- Sofia

" What?! I already took her home! I even tucked her in her crib! "- Zayn

" WHAT?!! But she's not here! "- Sofia

" We'll find her, I'll call the guys and you call everyone else "- Zayn

" Ok, I hope we find her "- Sofia

" I hope so too, bye "- Zayn

I hung up and held my heart. I was breathing extremely heavy. What if we can't find her. Why does all this happen to me?!!! What do have I even done!!! I'm so tired!!!! I've had enough of everything!!!

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