Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


31. Run Away From Everything

Sofia's POV

I know I couldn't tell Louis about the threaths cause the last time, he wasn't such a big help. I couldn't tell Eleanor cause I know she'll come running to Louis about it.

I had no choice but to call him, but to call Harry

" Hey Harry, do you wanna come over? "- Sofia

" Hey Sof, sure but why? "- Harry

" Nothing, I just need to tell you sonething important "- Sofia

" Ok, I'll be there in 10 minutes "- Harry

" Ok, bye see you later "- Sofia

" Bye, see you later "- Harry

I hung up and went to my closet. I took out a pink oversized sweater and some white shorts. I put those on and went to my dresser

I took some black mascara, pink lip gloss, nude blush and foundation

I put on a bit of foundation then applied some black mascara. After that, I put on some pink lip gloss and lastly, some nude blush. After that, I put on some white Uggs then went to the living room.

Once I got to the living room, I heard someone ring my bell. Once I opened it, I saw Harry in a white t-shirt and black skinny jeans leaning against the doorframe.

" Hey, glad you can come " I said as I let Harry in " well, I knew you missed me so I had no choice " he cheekily said with a smirk " yeah, I missed you so badly " I replied sarcastically " so, what do you need to tell me and wheres Darcy? " Harry asked as he looked for Darcy " Darcy's with my parents, they missed their granddaughter " I explained and he noded " well, then maybe sometime we can take Darcy to my mum's and her aunt Gemma? " he asked and I noded " sure and about the important thing I needed to tell you " I said as I sat down the sofa.

Once we sat down, I took a deap breath " well, it's about this " I said and gave him my phone that was opened in the messages icon " WHO DID THIS?!! " he asked/shouted " I-I do-don't kn-know " I shattered, I don't know why but, whenever he shouts, I get scared " a-are you sc-scared? " he asked, he almost chocked it out " n-no, I'm just worried about this person " I lied, I knew I couldn't tell him that I was afraid of his high voice " ok, well, where do we start first? " he asked " I don't have a clue, what do you think? " I asked and he thought for a moment " why don't we wait for another text, if it doesn't texts you today, let's just hope that it stopped " he suggested and I noded in agreement

A few minutes past and I had a text message " it sent me another message! " I exclaimed and took my phone

Unknown: I'm back, and by back, I mean I'm always behind your back, keep a straight eye

" Harry, I'm sca- "

Unknown: You brought a familiar friend, say hi to Harry for me

" Sof, this is o- "

Unknown: Check your twitter again

" Wha- "

Unknown: I said check your twitter

I put my phone down and went to my room, I took my loptop and went to twitter, after that I did saw a post

" What does it say? " Harry asked anxiousely " wait " I said an it didn't have a photo, it was a wall with haters commenting hate on me from second to second, I felt tears prick my eyes " Sof, a-are you cr-crying? " Harry asked in a concerned tone, I couldn't answer, I was too busy reading the hate comments and death threaths " gimme that " Harry said and snatched the loptop from me. Once he got the loptop. I got up and took my keys.

Once I got my keys and coat, Harry looked up and noticed me going somewhere

" Sof, where are you going? " he asked but I didn't listen or answer, I needed to get away first, I needed to get away from everything. I went out and heard Harry following me so I hurried to my car an locked the doors. Once he finally found me inside my car, he banged on the door begging for me to let him in and talk about whatever I want to talk about but, talking is not what I need now, I needed to get away first

I put my keys in and started the engine, when Harry heard the engine start, he banged louder on the door " c'mon let me in, don't run away again please, I need you " he said, ' I need you ', that rang through my head, I forgot everything, everything that happened, it was the only thing ringing through my head that time, once I snapped back, I realized that I needed to do this, for me, I just want to relax and forget everything

Once I snapped back, I started to drive an drive until I was somewhere where no one can bother me, even just for a few minutes, let me forget my problems. I pulled over at the beach, the beach where I met Harry, the beach where he proposed to me, the each where we had our family day and the beach that makes me calm.

I sat down at the seashore and inhaled the fresh sea breeze, the breeze always calmed me. It was the place where I could feel free, free from drama, free from showbiz an free from everything that can hurt me.

I just sat there and watched the sunset, I watched my worries away. It actually made me think of something. Maybe Harry and I aren't meant to be. After all those drama, I'm having a lot of doubts, maybe we're not for each other. Maybe we deserve someone else

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