Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


43. Planning 2

Sofia's POV

We were at the tailor's to make my gown and Harry's tux. The tailor's name was Sara and was a good friend of my family. She used to make the dress my mum wore on her wedding day and I wanted her to do mine too

" Sofia! " Sara exclaimed as Harry and I walked through the door of her tailor shop " Sara! " I exclaimed back while I hugged her " I missed you and you look pret- no beautiful as ever " she said and scanned me " you're fashion sense improved. It's amazing " she complimented " thank you but yours will always be better " I complimented back " so come on, sit sit " she said and walked over to the chairs as we all sat down " so what did you come here for today? " she asked as she sat down on her chair " well, my marriage to this handsome man is coming up soon and we wanted to see the design of the dress and tux and possibly get fitted " I explained and nodded towards Harry " oh my gosh! you're finally gonna get married and with a handsome, talented and amazing man! I'm so happy for you! you deserve it " she complimented me and Harry " thank you " Harry said reffering to the compliment she gave, I also saw a bit of flirting in his eyes so I nudge him in his ribs while he quietly groaned.

I couldn't blame him if he found Sara attractive cause she really was. She had long brown hair with little curly swirls at the bottom and some blonde streaks on her hair, full lips and gorgeouse chocolate brown eyes.

" Ok so let's start with the design of the gown " Sara said and stood up and walked to one of her maniquens " so Sofia, what kind of design would you want? " she asked while walking towards some rolled up cloth and satin " well, anything you find pretty. Use pink and white satin and cloth please " I said and she smiled at me " I thought you'd never ask me to design your gown " she said wth the bggest smile on her face " and for this fine man? " she asked reffering to what Harry would want for his tuxedo " black cotton with some hints of white " he said and Sara noded " ok, I'll just measure you're sizes and you can come back for the clothes after 3 weeks " she said and took out her measuring equipment.

She first measured me, then Harry. Everytime she measured she would write something down on her notebook and nod with a smile

" Ok, you can come back for it in 3 weeks sharp. You're figures are easy to make some clothes for " she said and I looked at Harry " thanks Sara, well, we better go, we got tons of planning to do back home " I explianed while I grabbed my purse " ok, bye Sofia and make sure to invite me to the party " she reminded and I noded with a smile

Harry and I drove back to my flat and saw the girls and guys fighting over what the theme of the wedding should be. We left them fighting and we came back to see them STILL fighting

" No, the theme should be pink and white, natural! " Eleanor argued while the other girls noded in agreement " no! it should be blue and orange, Harry's favorite colors! " Louis argued while the other guys backed him up "n-! " I stopped them before they could fight anymore " STOP! " I shouted which made them turn around and notice us " we left you guys fighting and now you're still fighting " I scolded them " why not, to make it fair, the theme will be light pink and sky blue " I said and they noded liking the idea " that's my girl " Harry said and held me by the waist " c'mon, we still have to do the invatations " I said while he gave me a quick peck on the lips

We went to our room to prepare the invatations while the others were in the living room making calls and planning the other things. The guest list was complete so we could already do the invatations.

" I'll do all the girl invatations while you do the boys " I said and Harry noded but with lust in his eyes and a smirk on his lips " I have a better idea " he said while backing me up the wall " no, we need to complete this. After the marriage " I said and he groaned " fine " he said under his breath and went to the guest list and wrote down all the guys that were invited " here's the guest list babe, I crossed out all the guys there " Harry said an gave me a quick peck on the lips again

I read through all the people first before starting

Guest List:

Harry's Family

Louis' Family

Niall's Family

Liam's Family

Zayn's Family

Sofia's Family

Eleanor's Family

Selena's Family

Sophia's Family

Perrie's Family

Jade-Little Mix

Lengh-Anne-Little Mix

Jesy-Little Mix

Will Sweeny-White Eskimo

Haydn Morris-White Eskimo

Nick Clough-White Eskimo

Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift

Kendall Jener

Perrie Edwards

Eleanor Calder

Sophia Payne

Selena Gomez




Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lopez

Ariana Grande

Gigi Hadid

Ashleen Janelle

Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlison

Liam Payne

Niall Horan

Tom,Lou,Lux Atkin

Simon Cowell

Paul and Clodagh Higgins

5th Harmony

Dove Cameron

Victoria Justice

Miranda Cosgrove

Janette McCurdy


Big Sean

Justine Beiber

5 Second Of Summer

The Vamps


Once I read through it all. I started with the invatation. The envelope was simple, but classy. It had a golden frame around it will a gold heart sticker on it. The inside invatation was more classy. It was pure gold and had black cursive writting on it. It said:

You are cordially invited to the wedding of our beloved Mr. and Mrs. Styles. This gloriouse occation will take place at Holmes Chapel at 6:30 until sunrise. It will be full of dancing, singing and fun.

And the front envelop had all the names of the people who will recieve the invatation.

Harry and I were almost finished making the invatations. Harry giving me flirtatouse looks while doing so.

It had to be atleast midnight when we finished the invatations, theme and booking the place

After the guys left. Harry and I snuggled on the sofa, not yet tired at all. I kept staring into space, lost in my thought when Harry noticed

" What are you thingking babe? " he asked stroking my arm " nothing, this all just feels so overwhelming " I said still staring off into space " what's on your mind? " he asked as he placed a kiss on my forehead " well, we have to do the food tasting tomorrow, after that we have to see the place back at Holmes Chapel which will be a 3-4 hour drive from here, then after that we have to think of the give aways. It just feels like so much and I still think you deserve better after all this " I said lowering the volume of my voice at the last part " babe, if someones more worthy of my love, it's you. And don't stress yourself out to much. The wedding's not in a hurry. I'll help you " he said and I smiled and looked at him " I love you " I said and kissed him " I love you more " he said between the kiss " I love you most " I finally said after the kiss " c'mon let's go to bed, Darcy's been all alone on there " Harry said and we got up from the couch and went to our room

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