Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


46. New Room For Stephani

Sofia's POV

Stephani, me and Harry drove back to our flat and I showed Stephani her new room, which was Harry's old room

" Here's your new room. Also, would you like to go to actual school or home schooled? " I asked an she turned to me " if it's alright, I'd like to go to actual school, so I coul make friends " she said and I noded, being ok with what she wanted. Maybe friends is what she needs to get over her parents.

" Ok, well, if you need anything, don't be shy to ask, you're family now " I said and she smiled and hugged me " I can't believe how nice you've been to me. To think you don't even know me " she said and I smiled " honestly, it's because I feel comftable with you " I said and she smiled " thank you is never enough " she said and I smiled " come on, you need to go to bed, tomorrow, the girl are taking you shopping, for school supplies and clothes while Harry and I get our clothes for the wedding " I explained and she noded while hopping to bed " goodnight " I said and closed her lights and door

" That was really nice " I heard Harry whisper from behind me " yeah, but we can't have sex as often since we have a teenager in the house who can understand that kind of thing " I teased and he pouted " but, we can do it somewhere else " I said and smirked " that sound good " he said and I kissed him " let's go to bed? " I asked and he noded with a smirk, obviousely he thought of something else " and by bed I mean going to sleep " I said making it clear which made him pout " fine " he sighed and we went to our room


Hey guys! Sorry this is a boring chapter. I promise I'll make it better. ILYGSM!

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