Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


5. Just The Two Of Us and Proposal

Harry's POV

The boys and I have been so busy with our album and Sofia with her own album ' Talk Your Talk ', and Sofia was hanging out with the girls so much that we don't have time to spend with each other anymore.

Today we had a free day cause we've been working so hard to finish the songs in our album.

" Hey Styles " Sofia said as she came to the kitchen " Hey Sophie " I said and held her by the waist " woah, what's with all the touching " she jokingly said " nothing, just missed hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend " I said and kissed her neck " aww but you have to finish your album so we can't hang out, I already finished my album but I'm worried about yours " she said and put her hand around my neck " it's our free day today, wanna hang out? " I asked with a smirk " ofcourse but I'll make breakfast first an we can get ready " she said and went to the fridge and took out some bread, eggs and bacon.

" Hey Styles, What do you want, Eggs,bacon or french toast? " She asked while she made herself some french toast cause the doctor said that oil is bad for the baby, " what are you eating? " I asked, I wanted to make her feel like I was gonna be with her through this hard time of her pregnancy. " French toast why? " She asked as she finished another layer of toast " I'll have french toast too " I said and hugged her from behind while she took the french toasts and put them on a plate

We ate the french toast and she finished first so she took a bath while I watched some t.v. and waited for her to be done.

When she got out of the bathroom, I quickly got in and took a shower while she looked for something to wear.

Sofia's POV

After I got out of the bathroom, I went to my closet which was in a room, and took out the white tank top that I bought, the black skinny jeans and the white converse which I also bought. After that, I went to my dresser and got out some black mascara, black eyeliner, eyelash curler, nude blush, pink lip gloss and purple, black and cream eye shadow.

I first put on some some black mascara to make my eyes pop. Secondly I made a wing using my black eyeliner. Thirdly I put on some nude blush. Then I put on some light pink lip gloss. After that I curled my eyelash and then blended my 3 eye shadows together to make a smokey eye shadow look.

I went to my purse rack and took out my newly bought black purse and my black leather jacket cause it was freezing outside. I went back to our room and saw that Harry was wearing skinny jeans, white t-shirt and black uggs. He looked so sexy.

" So you ready and you look smashing " he said and held me by the waist " yeah I'm ready " I said and he pressed his lips against mine " ok let's go " I said and wiggled out of his grip and went to the front door " come on " I said " how did I get so lucky " he whispered to himself but I heard and gave him a smirk and then we left

Harry drove us to a beach, it took me some time before I realize that he took me to the same beach where we met

My ex broke up with me so I went here and took a seat at the shoreline. When I saw the curly-haired boy that I love. He pat my houlder and asked if he could sit down next to me, turns out he was broken by his ex too. And the rest was history.

" Harry, you shouldn't have " I said as I hugged him " thank you " I said and looked at his eyes " don't thank me just yet " he said and led me to the seashore to have a little walk.

" I'm a little hungry " he said as he looked at me " oh well I think theres a restaurant here nearby " I said looking while for a restaurant " no come on I'll show you something " he said and took me to the back of the beach where a garden was ( I know it's a beach but like a garden is romantic ey )

" Harry, this is just way too much " I said as he took me to sit down at the chair " nothings too much for the one I love " he said as he held my hand, I looked down at my plate to see carbonara,pizza and spring chicken.

Harry and I talked about a few things until he told me that we should go for another walk down the beach

When we got to the seashore I saw the guys and gals standing right infront of me obvouise that they were hiding something " Harry what's this? " I asked as I looked at where he used to be standing but he wasn't there anymore. I tried to look for Harry while staying exactly where I was.

Suddenly everyone swept aside to reveal balloons flying and showing Harry on one knee and he told me to look at the sand, I looked at the sand and it had it traced which said ' Will You Marry Me ' " YES HARRY YES " I said and hugged him and kissed him too " come on let's eat " he said and we went back to the garden

We ate until I heard a familiar voice " Sof I'm so happy for you " " mum " I said and turned around " MUM " I said and hugged her " mum " I said another one " hey don't forget about me " my dad said as he walked up to us " who could forget about you dad " I said as I hugged him " thanks Harry " I said as I hugged him " no problem " he said " but I think now I should give you my surprise " I said and he had a confused look on

I invited his whole family over, his mum, his stepdad, his real dad, and his sister

I motioned them to come out and Harry had a shocked but happy look on his face

Our family taked for a few hours until they had to go because it as getting late but we were gonna stay for a little longer

" Harry, take good care of my daughter, she's all yours but take care of her " my father said as he pat Harry's shoulder " yes sir " Harry said and smiled with his cute dimples " and don't you ever break my baby girl's heart " he warned Harry " DAD " I said and gave him a look " I would never Mr. Hilvano " Harry said and I smiled at him

The girls and I talked while the boys did the same

" So Sof, you exited about the marriage? " Eleanor said with a big smile, she looked more exited than me " ofcourse I mean who wouldn't but you look more exited than me " I said and they all laughed while " yeah but don't worry I can feel that Louis' gonna do it real soon " Demi said and Eleanor blushed " oh come on guys stop it she's blushing " Perrie said as she hugged Eleanor by the side " but you know Perrie, I can feel that Zayn's gonna do it real soon too " I said and Perrie blushed " ok, let's just talk about who's gonna get married first shall we " Sophia said, sometimes she sounds like Liam " ok " they all said except me " but like seriousely, who thought that Sofia, the youngest out of all of us would be the first one to be a mommy and a wifey right? " Rein joked " yeah but you know I'm happy cause my hubby is the best and I love him " I said and looked at Harry " awwww " they said and we laughed

Harry's POV

The girls were laughing while we were talking and laughing too

" Hey Hazz, you exited about the marriage? " Zayn asked " ofcourse I am " I said " you sure cause from the looks of it, you look more exited about the honeymoon than the marriage " Louis joked " stop well I am ofcourse, she's damn hot " I said and we laughed " don't worry, the honeymoon will come shortly after the marriage Hazz " Liam said " yeah " the other boys said " but who thought that Hazza, the youngest out of all of us would get married first right? " Niall said and we laughed " yeah but I love that hot baby " I said and they laughed again

When we said our goodbyes, the boys and the girls all went home and so did Sophie and I.

Once we got out of the car, the first thing we saw was flashing lights in our faces. I held Sofia tight near me



These paparazzi are just annoying at times

When we finally got to our flat, Sofia and I just sat at the couch and talked about a few things.

" Sophie, why did you say yes to me when I asked you if you wanted me to be your boyfriend? I asked while she just looked at me " what do you mean " she asked with a confused look on her beautiful face " well you can have any guy you want cause you're beautiful and independent but why me? " I asked her, then a tear rolled down my face " Harry, I chose you because I love you, yes I can have any guy I want but you're the one I love and no one else " she said and kissed me " I love you too " I said and kissed her again " come on let's change into our pj's and get some sleep " she said and changed into her pj's while I stripped down to my boxers.

We hoped to bed and she put her head into my chest while I wrapped my arms around her.

I'm sleeping everyday happily and withought any problems because I'm sleeping next to a beautiful fiance. I'm sleeping next to MY beautiful fiance

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