Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


45. Holmes Chapel And Adoption

Sofia's POV

Once Harry and I got to Holmes Chapel, it was already 5:30.

Harry quickly drove to the church and we went in, hoping someone was still there

" Um, excuse me, are you Father Albert? " I asked while a preist turned around " ah yes, are you Mr. and Mrs. Styles? " he asked and I looked at Harry with a smile " to be yes, but, we wanted to know if there are anymore spaces for our wedding on your schedule " I said and he smiled " ofcourse, there is 2 weeks from now " he said and I smiled at Harry and Father Albert, that time was perfect " we'll take that day, thank you so much " I said and we shook his hand

Once we left the church, we went ot to find a place for our reception to happen.

After driving for what I think an hour and a half, Harry stopped at a big place that would fit our guest list. It was perfect. All it needed was a bit of a touch up.

" Harry, this is perfect. We'll just have to fix this place up and it will literally be perfect " I said with a smile and Harry smiled " I know, let's go find the owner and ask how much it is " he said and we walked around until we found a man sitting at a bench near it

" Um, excuse me, do you know who owns this place? " I asked and he looked up " yes, just knock on the door " he said and we thanked him

Harry and I went to the place and he knocked on the double doors

" Hello? " I asked as we carefully opened it " who are you? " said a scared girl's voice " we won't harm you, we just wanted to know if we could use your place for the reception of our wedding " I said as a girl that's got to be 13-14 yrs. old came out.

Once she saw us, she quickly screamed, a fan, great

" Oh My Gosh! " she screamed and covered her face " I'm so sorry " she said and started sobbing " no it's alright, don't cover your beautiful face please " I said and walked up to her for a hug " I'm so sorry " she said " no no, it's fine " I said and hugged her while we sat down on a couch

" Why are you all alone? " Harry asked as we sat down and she calmed " cause I have no more family " she said and started crying again, oh no " I'm sorry " Harry and I said " wanna talk about it? " I asked " yeah sure " she said and dried her tears.

" My parents were from my aunts wedding, they were driving when a reckless driver lost control and hit them. They were still taken to the hospital but it was too l-late, they were already d-dead " she explained

" What's your name? " I asked " Stephani " she said and I smiled " Stephani, don't cry, wanna know something? " I asked " what? " she asked " I wanna invite you to our wedding " I said and Harry smiled, liking the idea " oh my gosh, it's fine? " she asked and I smiled " yeah, and would you want to live with us for a while? " I asked while looking at Harry to make sure it was alright, which it was " if it's fine " she said and I noded " you can stay with us, if you want we can even adopt you " I said and she freaked out, liking everything I said, luckily, everything was fine with Harry. He liked Stephani just as much as I did I guess

Almost everything was ready, what's left now was our clothes and parents, we also have to buy Stephani a dress, which will be easy cause she had great taste in clothes from her night dress now. It all perfect. Darcy had a big sister and we had an almost complete family, all we need now was a baby brother for them, you need another guy in the family right


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