Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


8. Friends Again

Sofia's POV

Eleanor asked me if I wanted to go to her house and I said yes cause I was so bored and Harry was still sleeping so it was ok.

I wrote a note first and went to the bathroom and took a bath. I went out and went to my closet room and took out some skinny jeans, silver tank top, pink vest and silver with pink strips sneakers. I put those on and went to my dresser. I took out some mascara, eye shadows to make a smokey eye, comceler, nude blush and light pink lip gloss

I put on some mascara and made a smokey eye using the eye shadows. But I put on some conceler first ofcourse. Lastly I put on some nude blush and lip gloss. I went to my purse rack and took my silver purse. I went to my car and drove to Eleanor and Louis' flat.

Once I got there I quickly went inside but knocked first.

" Hey El, missed you even if we just saw each other yesterday " I said ad she giggled " yeah me too " he said and hugged me " hey wheres Louis? " I asked " in the room, sleeping like all the other boys " she said and I giggled " agreed " I said and she told me to take a seat at the bean bag in the other spare room.

The room basically has everything for a baby, a crib, bean bag, mobile, high chair, toys and even baby clothes for girls, is El gonna have a baby " hey El are you gonna have a baby? " I asked her " no but it's for you and for when I have a baby " She said " ok " I said and looked around " hey did you invite the others? " I asked " yeah they should be here any, oh there here " she said said and we greeted them with hugs " hey guys, come on let's have some fun " El said " sounds like a plan to me " I said and we all went to the babyroom

We all had a little fun until I told them that I had to come home early cause Harry might be waiting althought he never actually texted me.

I went back to my flat and into our bedroom. But there I saw my nightmare. Harry and Taylor, strandling each other and this time it wasn't just Taylor who wanted it but also Harry. I just stayed there an cried quietly but my phone buzzed from El calling me which made Harry turn around and saw me

" Sofia, please let me explaine " Harry begged as he approached me

" Save it " I said as I answered my phone

" Hey Sof, wait are you crying "- Eleanor

" No no I'm ok what is it? "- Sofia

" Well I wanted to know if you'd like to come over again for a squad dinner "- Eleanor

" Sure I'll be there in 5 minutes "- Sofia

" Ok bye see you later "- Eleanor

" Bye see you later "- Sofia

I hung up and took my purse again but someone grabbed my wrist

" Sofia, let me explaine please " he begged, sorrow in his eyes

" What do you need to say anyways? " I asked coldly

" That none of this was something I wanted, Taylor said that she'd only stop bugging us if I ' did it ' with her, I ' did it ' becase I don't want her to hurt you anymore " he explained, I know in his eyes that what he was saying was true

" Wait here " I said and I approached Taylor

" Taylor, what happened to us?, we were bestfriends, to me you were like my sister, I looked up to you, you told me you were happy for me and Harry and I said thank you cause I know you loved him too, I know I hurt you when I became with Harry but really, you'd ruin the bond that we had just for a guy you know that you can replace? I thought that our friendship was important to you, you were the one who told your fans that " never sacrifise a friendship for something or someone that isn't as important as that friendship, what happened to that? what happened to us? " I said while crying soon after she too started crying

" Sofia, I'm sorry just lost track of my real seft for a guy that I thought would be mine but I didn't think if what's more important, the guy that would never give me what I want or the friendship that I always dreamed of, and you know what, our friendship is more important, I'm so sorry Sofia I'm so sorry " Taylor said ans I hugge her,

" I forgive you, I forgave you a long time agao, now come we have a squad dinner and your still in my squad right so come on " I said as I grabbed for my purse again.

We went out and went back to Eleanor's flat

Once we got there everyone was shocked cause I brought Taylor along

" Hey Sof, why did you bring Taylor? " Eleanor asked as she approached us

" We fixed our argument so now we're friends again " I sad and smiled at Eleanor which she returned

" Ok well, welcome back to the squad " Eleanor started and the rest hugged her

" Well let's start this dinner " I said and everybody else cheered

" Babe, can you keep it down a little? " Louis called from upstairs

" Sorry babe, we'll keep it down a little bit more " Eleanor replied and everyone laughed silently

" What's up with him? " I asked as I sat down the chair

" Reading his faborite book if Jorge Washington " Eleanor replied and we laughed

We ate dinner and after that we all said our goodbyes and went home

Once I got to our flat, I saw that Harry left continues note saying how sorry he is.

At the end of the notes was our bedroom and then I saw him standing there with boquets of flower

" Babe, I'm really sorry " he said and gave me the flowers

" I forgave you already babe " I said and kissed him

" Thanks babe now what do you say we rest " he said and kissed me one more time

" Sounds good to me " I said and hopped into bed withought even bothering to change

" Night Sophie I love you " He said and I kissed him as a sign of I love you too

I was happy again with Harry. With MY Harry

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