Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

Y Harry Sequel Sofia Baby Adoption Louis OneDirection Squad Eleanor Zayn Sophia Bestfriends Niall Liam Styles FanFic Perrie

Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


10. Award Show

Harry's POV

Today, the lads and I, Sofia and a lot more singers and songwriters are going to the Radio Disney Music Awards. The lads and I were nominated for 6 awards while Sofia was nominated for 9 awards. I know right, she's really hard working but whatever she has now, she deserves it.

Sofia and I were already getting ready at our room. I was putting on my black tuxedo while she was putting on her golden gown with matching purse and shoes ( made by her designer, Kathryn ).

I was trying to put on the tie when Sofia went to me and tied it for me " Thanks, I really don't know how to tie a tie " I said and gave her a kiss " awww thanks but it's nothing " she said and patted her dress to make it even and perfect.

Sofia's POV

After I finished putting on and flattening my dress, I went to my dresser an put on soem nuteral make up and curled my hair into swirls and half tied it while my side bangs were letted loose.

I went and took my shoes and purse while Harry waited for me at the living room. After I was done, I went to the living room and saq Harry looking at me with those beautiful green/emerald eyes

" Hey, sorry I took so long " I said and went to him " it's ok, you were worth the wait " he said while putting his hands around my waist and kissing me " ok come so were not late " I sad and kissed him one more time " ok come on, I'm driving cause you're in a gown and we need to drop by Louis' and Eleanor's so that were complete when we get there, the rest of your squad will come to but only Taylor, Rein, Demi, Kendall, Miranda, Victoria, Ariana and Gigi " he said and I noded " ok so will my other squad members make it? " I asked while we went inside our car " yeah ofcourse " he said and have me a smile " so how will we fit in the van? " I asked cause were like 18 and as far as I know the van can only fit 15 " well I guess you, Sophia and Selena will have to sit on the laps of you're bf's " he said and smirked " ok " I said and took my phone out

We drove to Louis' and Eleanor's flat

" Hey El " I said and hugged El

Harry's POV

hey Lou " I said and gave Lou a hug " so are the others here yet " I asked as I gave Lou a hug " you tell me " I heard Niall say and the rest showed their heads " cute but weird at the same time " I said said and hugged the others " come on let's go Sophie, Sophia and Selena sit on the laps of your bf's " I said and smirked at Sofia who just rolled her eyes playfully.

We all got seated and Sophie, Sophia and Selena all sat down at their bf's lap. We got to the award show and we posed for a few puctures. I posed with Sofia the most until she said that she needed to have a squad photo with her squad and I said yes

I saw Sofia run up to Sophia, Selena, Eleanor, Perrie, Lorde, Taylor, Demi, Rein, Victoria, Kendall, Kylie, Miranda, Ariana, Gigi and a lot more from her squad. Sofia was at the middle and they all posted but for me, Sofia was the one who looked the most beautiful, ofcourse.

We all got to our tables and waited for the show to begin. When it finally begun, the lads and I, Sofia, Taylor, Selena, Justine Beiber performed and a lot more during the whole show. Until the award giving started

They all said the winners and we took home 5 out of 6 nominies, we lost the last award to Justine but it's ok. And Sofia won 7 awards and when she won the award for Top Pop Artist, she said

" Wow, thank you guys for nominating me and for Disney Music Award and to my friends, the lads my squad my family, Harry and my baby, I'm sure she's proud to have such and amazing father and we're so lucky to have you Harry and her amazing uncle and aunts, and I'm lucky too cause I have you guys and my family and ofcourse, who could forget my loyal, loving, amazing and incredible fans, I love you and this is to the ones I loved the most, thank you " she said and went off the stage and went next to me and I gave her a passionate kiss, good thing no one saw except the our friends.

The award show ended and we all went home and Sofia and I snuggled and again I couldn't want anything better cause this is the best

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