Scandalous Love ( Sequel to ' You Broke Me, But I want To Br With You Again '

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Harry and Sofia are having a little baby angel! but having a relationship this scandalous is not easy. A lot will try to break them apart, some of these consists of their friends and the poeple they trusted but is love enough reason for them to fight for each other and for what they feel?


3. After 4 Months ( Get Together )

Sofia's POV

It's now been 4 months since I found out that I was pregnant and everything went well actually. Harry was sweet and cute as usual and he cared more about me and the baby.

I'm now laying in the couch cause I have nothing to do and my bump is now getting a little bit big but it can still be hid and the fans and paps still don't know that I'm pregnant so that's great cause 4 months and they still don't know. Harry's and the boys are doing their best to hide it but if it was just up to them they'd scream it to the world but they can't and they know why

" I'm so bored " I whispered but Harry still heard " well what do you wanna do? " he asked laying down next to me and putting my head on his chest and snuggling with me " I don't know but I kinda want to invite the guys and gals over, is that ok? " I asked him " yeah but no dringking, bad for our little angel " he said and patted my belly gently " yes, I'm gonna call them now, and please can you make me some chicken soup? craving for some " I begged him " fine for my two angels I'll do anything " he said and went to the kitchen, I loved him even more than a 100% if that's possible. He's just so caring,sweet and super different from a jerk who people claim he is just cause he broke up with them, he has a reason on why he broke up with his past girls and the reasons were acceptable really. I was so lost in my thoughts that I was just smilling at him until he saw me and smirked, I just rolled my eyes and went to the bedroom an called the girls first so they can just tell their boys, I'll call Rein an Demi first

Sofia: Hey Rein

Rein: Hey Sof, what ya need and is it true that you're pregers?

Sofia: Yeah but it's a secret that you need to keep promise?

Rein: Promise and congrats, so what did you call for?

Sofia: I wanted to ask if you wanna come over to my flat well mine and Harry's flat cause he moved in, so wanna come?

Rein: Yeah be there at 6:30 bye

Sofia: Great bye see ya

I hung up and called the other girls and Demi and they said yes so it was set, I wasn't bored anymore

I went back to Harry and he had the chicken soup in his hands and he was taking it to me to the bedroom " heres your chicken soup Sophie " he said and kissed my forehead " thanks Styles love you " I said and hugged him but he put the chicken soup on the coffee table first " how come I was so lucky to have you? " I said totally telling the truth, anyone he dated was the luckiest person in this world " but I'm luckier " he said and kissed me " well what did they say? " He asked " well better get ready cause they'll be here in an hour " I said cause he only had boxers on " yeah I'll take 30 minutes " he said and went to the bedroom.

I took 2 minutes to finish the soup cause l was hungry. As I was going to the bedroom Harry came out with only a towel around his waist. HOT AND SEXY ALERT. " Hey what do you need? " I asked trying not to stare at the towel and his abs " nothing " he said and got closer and closer until out bodies were connected " Harry we can- " " please just one " he begged but I'm staying my guard " Harry if you love me you'll wait please " I said " these will have to do " I said and kissed his lips and his neck, he let out moan and I smirked then went to the bedroom followed by him " ok but after that baby comes out were making another one " he jokingly said " shut up " I said and took out a silver knee-lengh dress and my silver pumps. I put them on an went to my dresser and put on some light black mascara and some eye liner to make a wing. After that I put on some nude blush and some pink lip gloss. After I curled my hair into spirals and look at the mirror when I felt Harry's hands around my waist " you look so beautiful " he whispered in my ear " thanks but you should get ready " I whisper back. He let go and went to my wardrobe

Harry's POV

I took out some skinny jeans, black t-shirt and black sneakers but I didn't look at the brand. I put those on and ran my hand through my hair a couple of times until Sophie came and fixed it to the front.

We went to the living room and she went to the kitchen to get something while I watched her move. I went straight to her and kissed her neck until she faced me an kissed me on the lips.

The kiss lasted until we heard someone cough. When we looked up we saw all the guys staring at us we just smiled " how's the kiss " Louis said jokingly " how long have you guys been there? " Sofia asked " oh long enough to see Harry hold your bum " Eleanor said and my cheeks burned up and so did Sofia's too

" Well come on let's start this night " I said and went to the boys.

Sofia's POV

The night was long and tiring. The girls and I chated about the baby and girl stuff.

" So how many months is the baby " Rein and Demi asked at the same time, I laughed and said " well now it's four months " I said " and when do you guys plan on buying things for the baby? " Selena asked, she was really obssesed about the buying stuff " seriousely? isn't it a bit early? " I said a d laughed " well make sure to tell us so we can help, we have great fashion senses for the baby " Eleanor said " and when will you find out the gender of the baby? " Perrie asked " maybe in 3 weeks, the doctor said we can find out in a few weeks " I explained " well if it's a girl what would you name it? " Sophia asked " if it turns out to be a girl, I think I'll name her Darcy Nicole Styles " I said, they were crazy about my pregnancy " and if it was a boy what would you name it? " Demi asked " I'd name it, Harold Kenneth Styles " I said weird but somehow cute " ok well who wants snacks? " I asked the girls " ME!!! " Niall shouted as he came to me " ok woah calm down or you won't get anything " I said and he behaved " ok here Niall have this pizza and some Nando's chicken " I said and gave him the food " NANDO'S!!!! " he shouted and we laughed.

Harry's POV

It was a long night but fun. We ate snacks and real food ifcourse and me and the boys chated anout what I should name our baby. If it's a girl I wanted to nane it Darcy Nicole Styles but if it was a boy I'd like it to be Harold Kenneth Styles.

Me and Sophie sat at the couch and I asked her what she wanted to name our baby when he/she comes out " Hey sophie, what do you want to name our baby when it come out? " I asked " If it's a girl then I'd love to name her Darcy Nicole Styles but if it turns out to be a boy then Harold Kenneth Styles would be great " she said and smiled at me " that's what I want to name our baby too, I love you Sophie " I said and kissed her forehead " I love you too Styles " She said and kissed me on the lips and snuggled in my chest. I could stay like this forever if I could


Hey guys so what do you think Harry and Sofia's baby would be? girl or boy? and do you think that those names are awesome or nah? let me know wht younthink in the comments and thanks for loving this sequal and love you guys so much

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