Falling For The Bad Guy

Great! Moving countries, leaving home, I'm not ready to move and have a stepdad! Dad only just passed and my mom is already ready to be married again!


9. The Club

Kimberlys POV

I heard a car pull up at the house I quickly put on a nirvana shirt and some black skinny jeans. I ran downstairs to see Marcus *my moms boyfriend* waiting for me. Where do you think your going missy! He said. I yelled back and said "I'm going out with my friends!" Before he could say anything I ran outside with tears running down my face and got in the car. *skip car ride*

We got to the club and each had seven shots Luke got drunk and pulled me away from Calum he put his hands around my waist and pulled me close to his body. Luke I'm with Calum you know that! I tried to pull away but he pushed me closer to his body. Shh you know I can make u feel better than any other could! He whispered in my ear than kissed me. Calum saw him and ran over and punched him. Calum Stop! Stop! He was about to through another punch but I got in the way and he slowly backed off. We called the ambulance and got kicked out Luke had so many marks on him from Calum. Luke went to the hospital and Calum dropped me home.

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