Falling For The Bad Guy

Great! Moving countries, leaving home, I'm not ready to move and have a stepdad! Dad only just passed and my mom is already ready to be married again!


16. Shit...

Kimberly's POV

I saw Luke leave his rooms and get out his front door and come over to my house. Ashton= I'll be back later Sis! Cya! Ugh! Luke's at the door. I went down and opened the door. Oh wow. It wasn't Luke... But Luke was at the fence. Trying to come in. Um hi? Do I know you? I asked. I'm your babysitter...he said. Excuse me? I'm 17 I don't need a baby sitter! I said just about yelling. Calm down! I'm Luke's older brother! He said in a calm voice. His hair looked so soft! Brown hair blue eyes. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! A voice yelled. I moaned. I was in my bed I must have been dreaming or something. But then I saw the boy in my bed. WHAT THE FUCK! I thought. Umm how did u get in here? I asked. Oh you passed out and I thought this was your room since it was the only baby blue one and u have a massive 5SOS poster above your bed...you were only gone for 20 minutes. Fuck, Thanks mate! Now why is Luke here? I asked. Well he wanted to talk..About last night..He responded. We talked and talked and when we were done, it was 12:00 am..Jesus. I love this guy but Luke's him brother and Calum is still in my heart

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