Falling For The Bad Guy

Great! Moving countries, leaving home, I'm not ready to move and have a stepdad! Dad only just passed and my mom is already ready to be married again!


13. Moving on

Kimberly's POV

(2 years later)

Hey babe! Wanna go shopping I asked my best friend Nicole. Sure! She texted back. I'll be there in 10.

A= Ashton K=Kim

A= hey Kim we're coming back today!!

K= I don't fucking care you guys haven't stayed in touch with me for two years!

A= Calum is excited to see you

K= I don't fucking care!

(End of Messages)

I got to Nicole's house and she got in the car. Were u just doing it with Justin!? I asked Maybe...Ok fine! I did but does it matter? She responded. Did u use protection?! I asked. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK no I didn't! We have to go to a pharmacy and get a pregnancy test! So instead of going shopping we went back to my house. I knocked on the door and no one answered so I went to my mom and Lucas' room and saw them ripping each other's clothes off. Fuck! They do it every night and I always hear banging on the walls! Plus moaning. So I just shut the door and went into my bath room. She did the test and SHIT I'm pregnant she said crying tears of joy and sadness mixed. That's great! Let's call Jaden over she will defiantly want to hear the news!

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