I Love You By Anonymous

This book is filled with endless amounts of love letters, comments,wishes,and desires from people who like most of us had something to say to that special someone and decided to write it down anonymously.You the readers can also leave anonymous stories in the comment section and they will stay anonymous and they might end up in the book.


8. ?


I hate being this version of myself. The one that cries in the shower for an hour and then spends another 45 minutes in the bathroom drawing out her nightly routine so nobody sees her splotchy face and red eyes. 

I was finally getting to a good place. I found friends who always asked how I was doing. Friends who actually seemed to care. I was growing confident in myself and my abilities and worth and attractiveness as a person. 

That's my mistake, I guess. Every time. 

I let myself get comfortable and set myself up for disaster because nobody wants to stay. Nobody wants to love me any longer than they have to. As soon as the popular girls or a guy shows interest, they are so ready to drop me like a bag of garbage at the dump. So ready to abandon me for a boyfriend of three weeks or friends who are never loyal. 

And this time it's worse. Because I loved that boy for five years. Five long years. And she knows it. But she did it anyway. She had a relationship with him for months behind my back, then had the gall to tell me five months in and ask if it was okay, was I mad, did I hate her? And I didn't know what to do. I'm a pacifist. I hate conflict. So I said I didn't hate her.

Even if I had said yes, she wouldn't have stopped. If she really cared about my feelings she wouldn't have done this in the first place. she wouldn't end her last relationship for her own sake, why would she end one for mine? 

So instead she chooses the boy who grew from a sweet small boy to a teenaged one who thinks the world of himself and is entitled, rude, and an all around douchebag. 

Over me. 

What does that say about me? 



You know what? I'm tired of this immaturity of her. I'm not accusing you unless you've done something I am unaware of. If she really likes you, then date her. Why are you leaving her and breaking years of friendship over me? I'm not worth it. You deserve better. Deter her from such inappropriate behavior. I do comprehend her feelings, but this is unacceptable. I'm not even doing anything. I've made it easy for both of you. You don't have to choose between me and her. I'm on my separate way. I've got goals to achieve. I'm not her and never will be. I'm me and I'll always stay this way. Don't get me involved in this drama. We both know I don't deserve this. I can't remain silent about this  matter anymore. I don't want you to make any efforts towards me anymore. I'm not the manipulative type, but this is causing more troubles. I understand her behavior has been hurting you as well, and I know I'm the reason for this. I can't let her do this to you. Don't be saddened over something that never began. It probably wasn't meant to be. I'll be minding my own business from now on. I'm done facing redundant dilemmas. We both know it's not worth it.

Take care, 

Bye. (: - UnlnownGirl

It's hard to even think of you as my friend anymore, which used to give me a lot of hope to think about considering I knew you weren't ever going to have a crush on me. It's hard to think of you as my friend because friends contact their friends when things go wrong. A friend would have at least sent me a text at some point saying they hoped I was okay or they missed me or..anything really. A friend would do SOMETHING. It's been almost 2 months. And I'm really sad that we're not friends.


My mom told me this. And this is for everyone out there:

If he doesn't care for you the way you do for him, he isn't worth it. There is someone out there for you. Someday, you'll meet that someone that treats you so right you won't even know how to handle it. You'll wonder what the fuck you even did to deserve such kindness. 

That's what she told me as I cried in the car after school today. 

Rage and Love,


My ex, my high school sweetheart, first love - my old friend of more than 10 years that I will never communicate with again but on good terms - cheated on me. But I honestly stopped holding it against him when I was 19 and realized I wasn't in love anymore and it wasn't meant to be. I had trust issues with men, but I stopped resenting him. Honestly, I don't believe he'll ever cheat on anyone ever again. If he does, it's only Because they were forcing something that felt wrong, like he and I. He believes this girl he's with is the one. He never wants to leave her. Maybe he's right, maybe he's wrong.

I don't believe you'll ever do the same to me, because you are the one. There's no doubt about it. Whether or not you did what he did in the past seriously doesn't matter. And if anyone ever did the same to you, I can promise you I won't do the same. Not because it's simply who I am, and I am a sexless creature unless in love...but because you're my soul-pickle, my ground, my oasis, my Solace, my lobster, my soulmate. 

You're stuck with me, please, just deal with it. Invest in earplugs if you must...and lots of cheese.






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