I Love You By Anonymous

This book is filled with endless amounts of love letters, comments,wishes,and desires from people who like most of us had something to say to that special someone and decided to write it down anonymously.You the readers can also leave anonymous stories in the comment section and they will stay anonymous and they might end up in the book.


3. What will be.

I see you tomorrow for the first time in two weeks. And I don't want to.

I used to like you, and at one point I would've jumped all over the opportunity to go on a date with you, or to kiss you. But not anymore. I'm sorry, I just don't feel that way about you anymore. 

And I feel so conflicted, because you're so nice to me. You say nice things, you compliment me, and you make me feel wanted, and special. But you're also an asshole. You're so annoying, and I hate you. And I hate that you're nice to me, because it makes me want to like you. 

The last time I saw you, you kissed me. It was my first kiss, and you knew that. You also knew that I didn't like you anymore. But you still kissed me.


I pulled away from you, and you looked so hurt, it made my heart drop a little bit. You apologized, and then looked down at the ground. I haven't spoken to you since that. And I'm afraid of what will happen tomorrow.

Can't we just be friends?


I'm doing my best to format my messages. Here I am, this is me. We've never had a chance to talk...ever...so I could never be your best friend YET. Also, just to prove it's me...

Sometimes I'll be sitting next there randomly giggling and smiling Because I'll remember something you did that was cute. Like the time I was drawing my perspective project, and you walked by...and SMASHED your poor elbow into the corner of the wall almost knocking down the wall fixture. I straighten the fixture, and I wondered how you handled the shooting pain without cursing like a sailor. You're so cool�😆�

i miss you. I work all day today.


I always hate saying "good bye".

Especially when the last time we met.

How many years have passed? 

12? Maybe more.


But I think it's time for me to say first and last good bye to you

Even though probably you will never know about it. 

Because maybe you already forget about me.


First, I have to start at the beginning.

Something that I really want to say to you.

You are the stupidest girl I ever met in my life.

You were reckless, sassy, cheeky, loud, selfish, and super weird.

And maybe you still are. 

You used to hit me like I am your best friend.

I barely knew you at that time, we were from different school after all.


But you know...  

You were the first girl that started conversation with me. 

I believe that you knew that I couldn't make friend at the class.

Then, you sat beside me when new class began. 

Started talking to me like you know me.

"Who the hell is she?" was my reaction.

I only knew your name and had no interest in you actually.

But you started to chat with me with a smile behind every word of yours.

You were kind, that voice of yours.

We only had less than one year to know each other before you had to move to another city.

It was so short.


Remember the last time we met. You said that you really like windmill. You were folding a paper windmill when we had this conversation after our class over. 

You love wind, you always do. 

You said you always wanted to put a windmill on a bicycle. 

Even though, I knew that you couldn't ride bicycle.

I knew you were joking at that time. You were stupid really. 

And that was our last moment.

And I didn't say good bye back then.

You also didn't.


Days went by...

And it took me a long time to realize that I had fallen in love to you. You are the lost love of mine. Well, but you are gone like the wind.

And I let you go. And there you go. 


Today I stalked your facebook profile and almost pressed the add friend button >

Well, it hurt me - big time - when I saw your profile picture. I guess you have started a new life. And I guess I have to stop thinking and dreaming about you. About our future in my imagination. 




Anyway, congratulations on your new life and I hope you find the greatest happiness in this life because that is seriously what you deserve.


Good bye.



You said that you wanted to put a windmill on bicycle, right? Well, I am stupid enough to do what you have always wanted.

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