I Love You By Anonymous

This book is filled with endless amounts of love letters, comments,wishes,and desires from people who like most of us had something to say to that special someone and decided to write it down anonymously.You the readers can also leave anonymous stories in the comment section and they will stay anonymous and they might end up in the book.


6. Moving On or Staying



You're gorgeous. You have the sparkling eyes, and the silky hair. You have smooth skin, and soft hands. Your arms are toned and muscular, and your smile could make any girl's heart melt.

But me, I'm not gorgeous. I'm not even pretty. My eyes look tired, and there's no sparkle left in them. My hair is dry, and frizzy. My skin is dry, and my hands are rough and calloused. My arms have lost their strength, and my smile doesn't reach my eyes anymore.

But you're cold on the inside. Your heart is closed off, and you won't let anyone in. You didn't let me in. You're cruel, and selfish, and you hurt me. Bad.

And I'm nice. I'm really nice, and loving, and kind. My heart is big, and I opened it to you. I'm selfless, and caring, and these are all things that you will never be. So you took advantage of me. You took advantage of my kindness, and openness, and you killed me inside.

I loved you. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry for whatever or whoever it was that fucked you up so badly. I tried to help you, I really did. But I'm done trying. And I'm done loving you.

I'm sorry.


I was in love with my best friend but didn't do anything. A year later I found out you were into me at that time too. I'm still in love, you have a boyfriend now and I have to pretend like I'm okay with it.


I might just be imagining your stolen glances. Your excited expression when I walk into the room might just be an illusion. I might have just made up this fantasy that you seem to care more about what I say than the others in the group.

I might just be imagining I'm special to you. But I don't even care, because I know for sure you're special to me.



I know now that you like her. You always liked her. I went to one of your games and realized that. I couldn't even look at you. I realized that I had lost the respect for the game that I had  once liked. I realized that I had lost all respect for you and the  butterfly feeling I had for you. When the game was over I said that I was never going to another one again. I said it was boring and that I couldn't focus on it anymore. It wasn't fun anymore. It meant nothing to me, like you do now. I've moved on from you.




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