I Love You By Anonymous

This book is filled with endless amounts of love letters, comments,wishes,and desires from people who like most of us had something to say to that special someone and decided to write it down anonymously.You the readers can also leave anonymous stories in the comment section and they will stay anonymous and they might end up in the book.


1. Love Letter to 10-5-1-14

I don't know what to say to you, I wish I did. All I know is what I would tell you if you were to read this letter.

I don't know how it happened, you know the whole liking you thing.I never thought I would fall for you because to me you were just another guy but frankly I think you should know the truth.You messed up my plans, I was certain that I wouldn't like anyone and I didn't.....until you came along.I was told myself that I would avoid falling for anyone to avoid what had happened the previous year. I didn't want to get hurt anymore by guys that only liked me temporarily or that only liked me when nobody else wanted to be with them because I had settled for those guys before. It was all going so well until you decided one afternoon to talk to me and I have to admit I thought you were weird at first, actually I didn't understand why you were even talking to me in the first place but I went along with it. Before that day I had only known you as the cute guy in the back of my class but again I wasn't feeling up for a relationship.Then you started talking to me every time you got the chance and I never had to be someone I wasn't with you.I mean this, from the first time you talked to me I was always myself and I didn't realize how I was so comfortable around you specially because I didn't even know you.So time went by and I realized you were everything I wanted, can you believe it, you were something I didn't expect and you were something I couldn't control.I'm the type of person that needs control and stability and for some reason... with you... not having control or stability wasn't a problem because I was completely comfortable with you. I never said anything because I figured you had a girlfriend and I always saw you with this one girl so I just assumed. That was the first time I settled for being your friend, just being able to be around you without it being awkward was good enough for me. Our friendship was working out all on it's own if you ask me and I was happy about it until...you found out I liked you.I know things got bad after that for both of us, your friends and my friends kept making it a lot more complicated than it was or so you said.I have to tell you that the only person who was making it complicated was you....and then me. I didn't know what to tell you after you found out, I was afraid it was going to get awkward and it was for a while because we had no idea what to say to each other.When I finally decided to talk to you about the situation face to face I asked you if it was awkward for you, I asked you if in any way what you found out phased you.You said you were surprised but then you asked me what I wanted you to do.I' m honest enough to say I didn't want you to do anything,I just wanted you to tell me how you felt... but you didn't and you have a girlfriend so what else was I supposed to tell you, there was nothing more I could say.After that we had a couple surprise encounters and every now and then we still have those.A couple days later from the time we had out conversation you asked me why I liked you and I didn't understand your question and we argued...I guess if that's what you can call it because really we were just arguing about the question you asked and how I didn't know how to answer it. Then you called me dumb and I said you were dumb and it was kind of hard to take those words as an insult considering the fact we were both laughing when we said them.You talked to me the other day I think you might miss me too or maybe it's just the fact that you were curious as to what could've been.I don't know, I know that you made fun of me when I failed my driver's license exam and I made fun of you when you failed yours and our conversations were never awkward and they were always comfortable.Anyway, after that I did answer your question but I didn't say everything. You asked me why I liked you and I told you that you were cute,you had a good personality and that I just felt comfortable around you but that wasn't even the half of it.So now I am going to tell you the real reasons I like you, you are cute and funny and it's amazing how my face lights up when I think of you or see you or talk to you.Just talking to you makes my whole day better,actually no it makes my whole day unbelievably great.You have such a great personality it's impossible for any girl to not like you because you're just that great.You're never awkward and your eyes, their black like the darkest of nights but there's always this little white light in them, like a star and it never goes away.When I think about you , inside I feel like fireworks are exploding and it feels amazing, it feels like when you receive the best news of your life and you just can't hold the happiness in.It feels good...these fireworks they make my heart light up like a christmas tree, like nothing I've ever felt before and just thinking about you makes me smile.I don't know what it is about you that sparks something in me, if I knew what it was believe me when I tell you I would do my best to ignore it.I don't know how you feel but I know that I miss talking to you and I don't know if you miss talking to me.I'm not an idiot I know that you're leaving for the army and I know I won't see you ever again but I don't believe that I we won't ever meet again because something about you feels like you're the one, you're the wrong kind of right for me.I know you don't want to be with me because you're three years older than me and I know you have a girlfriend who probably cares a lot about you. I know you're the right guy because you didn't lie to me about having a girlfriend and you didn't lead me on and you're still trying to be my friend after everything that happened.I remember talking to you once and I told you that when most guys find out I like them they usually stop talking to me and you said you didn't know why because there was nothing wrong with me.I remember that every time and I know after this year I'll never see you again but I think I can settle for just one kiss because I don't know what else to do.I want to get over you because it's no longer something I need to do, it's something I want to do because you're life is gonna keep going and I'm gonna stay behind and I want something better, I deserve something better. You're the guy I never knew I always wanted but you have a girlfriend and a life waiting for you something I don't have yet but I want to have and in order for me to move on I have to get over you.You're not bad for me you're actually the complete opposite but I can't be with you and you can't be with me and I don't know you but it's definitely frustrating for me.In the end all I want from you is just one kiss to set me free.The kiss will probably make it worse but at least I know I won't regret it.This is my letter to you because I see you every day and it hurts , it hurts even when I think about you but this is goodbye.I don't know if you feel the same thing I do but if you don't tell me I guess I'll never find out and I can't wait for you forever even if I don't mind waiting.So this is goodbye and I hope you have an amazing, incredible life because you deserve it , and because you're just that great.Goodbye Jean, it was a pleasure to meet you.We have something but neither of us know what it is, it could be the best of friendships for all we know but do me a favor, if you figure it out before I do....let me know ,I don't think it's fair that you know something I don't dummy.









Dear J-5-1-14,

I hate myself for loving you because you and I have a love that is homeless, a love that we don't know what to do with and you're leaving and we'll never see each other again.I hate you because you're perfect for me and I love everything about you,I love the good things and the bad things and I hate you because I'm gonna lose you and I don't know how to get over it.All I want is to feel nothing for you but it seems my heart nor my brain will allow it.What is a girl supposed to do?I just wish I had never fallen for you because no matter how hard we try, you and I we'll never get the chance because there will always be something in the way.So I hope you live a great life and I hope all your dreams come true and I hope that if we are to ever see each other again I finally get the chance to ask you that question I talked to you about.

P.S. You are so much better than you think and if anyone doubts that for a second than they don't deserve you because they haven't figured out how amazing you are.

-With all my love,Anonymous

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