stuck with a tail

hi i am samantha but you can call me sam i am 18 years old and have 1 sister shes 5 and this all stared at the beach 2 weaks ago when my sis found somthing.


1. The Crystal


all right girls get out ok mom"hey sis come here"ok what"here a crystal of some sort"as i held it up to the sun a purple beam glared on my legs.well mom i am going for a swim"ok dont go too far" i wont.i jumped in the water and saw a

bright light coming from my legs then i saw a yellow ish orange fish tail on my legs.there that stump ill go sit there and mabe ill go back to normal.SPLASH ow no its only when im dry i have legs ow look there a tree ill hide there untell my legs grow can we go now i wanna leave i am getting cold."ok hun,lets go shayla.


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