How One Direction Saved Our Lives

Amethyst and MacKenzie, are best friend for as long as they can remember. The two went to a One Direction concert. Little did they know that concert would change their lives for ever.This story is filled with drama, tears, and stupid humor (pranks). What one direction didn't know was that they had saved their lives at that concert. But, also don't know what they got into. Find out what happens to the girls. And, how will the boys react. What happens to the boys?
(This story is also on wattpad my other account is ATL23458)


5. Tour bus

Mac's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing. It was my mom. I stared at the caller ID. I jumped to my feet and threw my phone out the window. I looked out the window to see my phone shattered into pieces. I let out the breath I didn't know I was holding. 

"Would you like to explain why you threw your phone out the window?" Amy chuckled from the couch.

"MY MOM CALLED!" I screamed.

"Okay I know your mom is like the worst mom in the world but I don't see the problem if your far away from her?" she said sipping the tea I hadn't noticed was in her hand. 

"It means she gonna find me and kill me!" I panicked pacing. 

"The only way she can track you is threw a chip in your phone or a chip being implanted into you," she stated.

"What if I do have a chip implanted in me what if you do what if..." 

"Bitch you just got to chill and my parents are to dumb for them to think of having a chip implanted in me,"

"What if I have a chip implanted in me though," 

"Bitch where.... if you had a fucking chip you would feel a buzz somewhere if it was being used,"

"I did feel a buzz in my neck," 

"Okay now your just being paranoid,"  

"No serious," 

She started to walk over to me and looked at me with narrow eyes. 

"Move your hair," she told me. I obeyed. "yeah it's in your neck alright," she said poking at it. "but don't worry I know just what to do," she said with a smirk, going towards her backpack and grabbing a pen from the front pocket. "What do you need that for?" I asked confused. "Oh nothing," she said walking over to me. She turned me around and placed something cold on my neck. weird. Then a wave of shock go through my body. It coursed through me with a stinging sensation causing me to collapse on to the floor. "OW WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!" I screamed at her, making the boys wake up. "What the hell just happened," I heard a thick Irish accent say. 

Niall walked in to the little space we were in. "SHE SHOCKED ME WITH....... WITH THAT!" I yelled pointing at the pen. Amy had an innocent look on her face "I have no idea what she is talking about," she said smiling innocently. "Let me see?" he asked in his thick sleepy accent. She handed it to him. He examined it. "I don't see anything," he said handing it back to her. "Thank you," she replied with a smile. He went back to his bunk drifting off to sleep. Then, shock coursed through my body causing me to fall again."AH FOR FUCKS SAKE!" 

Amethyst's POV

"Okay what the fuck's going on," Harry said walking up to us. I walked over to him with the pen behind my back with a smirk. 

"Okay now I'm scared," he said backing up. I started to walk towards him slowly. He backed into a wall not being able to go anywhere. I brought the pen from behind my back.  

"Okay what is so scary about a pen," he said rolling his eyes and straightening. Then, I pressed the cap to his neck "This" I said and he fell to the ground. I turned around see the other boys standing scared. 

"Stand back and you won't get shocked," I said walking over to Mac kneeling down to where she was and shocked the back of her neck. I took me a while cause she wouldn't stop moving. Finally, I heard it short out. I looked down to see she was unconscious. I looked up to see the boys staring at me. Liam starting reaching for his phone. 

"NO! NO! she's still alive she just unconscious from shocking the chip in her neck," I told them. They looked at me confused. 

"I'll explain later just help me get her to her bunk," I said annoyed. They scrambled to help me get her on her bunk. We got her settled into her bunk so it looked like she was comfortable so there would be less suspicious if the bus driver came back here. We all went to sat on the coach "So explain," Liam said. "Okay so our lives aren't normal like everyone's we deal and get into a lot of shit," I explained they nodded but still looked confused. "I don't want to talk about it," I said standing up and walking away. I climbed up to my bunk and put my headphones in and started to listen to my music, closing the curtain. I closed my eyes and started to chill and calm down. My life is a sensitive topic for me and I don't like talking about my feelings.

Then my curtain opened. It was Louis. "Are you okay love?" He asked with sympathy on his face "Lovely," I mumbled sarcastically. "Do you want to talk about this later?" He asked obviously wanting to help "Nope," I answered shaking my head. But, we both knew he would ask about it again. He left going over to Harry who was on the couch. I decided to go into the kitchen. So, I hopped out of my bunk to see the perfect Larry moment,  they were cuddling and watching a movie. But, of course Louis being Louis he wanted to be the big spoon.

I went into the kitchen and was greeted by Niall searching through the fridge. Of course. "Hey," I said "Hey," he replied rather happily coming out of the fridge with licorice. I jumped onto the counter sitting by the sink. Ni  walked up to me " You want some?" he asked "No I only eat Australian licorice," I answered "Wow picky," he chuckled. I rolled my eyes and looked at me and I looked back at him and he smiled, I smiled. He almost walked away until "Hey Blondie," he turned around and walked over to me "Do you guys have anything today?" I asked "We have a two week break," he said "Yes, thanks," I said and kissed  him on the cheek. He seemed surprised. I hopped off of the counter getting a Pepsi from the fridge. I opened it and drank some. I walked passed Niall and then by the coaches where Larry was cuddling. I went behind the couch"Your Larry is showing," I said walking away. To some other couches where I found a blank piece of paper and a pencil.

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