How One Direction Saved Our Lives

Amethyst and MacKenzie, are best friend for as long as they can remember. The two went to a One Direction concert. Little did they know that concert would change their lives for ever.This story is filled with drama, tears, and stupid humor (pranks). What one direction didn't know was that they had saved their lives at that concert. But, also don't know what they got into. Find out what happens to the girls. And, how will the boys react. What happens to the boys?
(This story is also on wattpad my other account is ATL23458)




"Amethyst and Mackenzie," I said trying to sound excited. But, honestly I don't want anyone to know about my secret. The first girl came up. She had ombre hair(brown at first the blonde ends) and was wearing all black with galaxy print and had a blank expression on her face and was littered in bruises. She stood next to me waiting for the other girl to come up.

The other girl came up and was brunette and had jeans and a gray hoodie, but she also had bruises on her face. The two girls looked at each other and both of their eyes went wide. Right then Paul came and guided the girls backstage.  


Me and Mac were lead back stage into what seemed like a dressing room by Paul. Once Paul left me and Mac hugged each other. Truth was we've known each other sense we were in preschool we just haven't seen each other because of our parents. Then we pulled apart "OMG I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN SO LONG!" I said pulling her into another hug. "I KNOW HOW HAVE YOU BEEN". 

We went on chatting and getting caught up with stuff and we're basically like twins.

Right then we heard the boys start to come and we both got quiet and listen closely. "I kind of fancy the one wearing black she so... just.... so beautiful," you think it's Niall said because of his thick Irish accent. I blushed major. Their step started to fade a little and then come back. They seem like they were trying to find us and then their steps got closer. "Where are you guys?" I heard Harry say " We're in here curly!" I yelled. Harry and Louis walked in "Ahhh there you are loves," Harry said.

"Now c'mon follow me," Louis said 

Louis' POV

I took the girls outside to meet the other lads. "Hello loves," the others said in unison. We all stopped and turned around facing the girls.*awkward silence* "Nice to meet you uhhh are you excited," "YES WE ARE!" the one in the black said. "Wait which ones Amethyst and which one is Mackenzie," 

"I'm Mackenzie," the one in the gray sweater said waving at us as we smiled politely.

"I'M AMETHYST!" the one wearing all black said. I'm still not sure if shes excited or on a sugar rush. 

"Where's the bathroom," Mackenzie said. "You go straight through the door and make a left," Liam said. I couldn't help but think he fancies her a bit."Thanks," she said and ran off 

"Sooo tell us about yourself love," I said. "Well I listen to music 24/7 umm I skate and other shit," she said. Right then Mackenzie came back"What did I miss," she said walking up to us. "We were just asking Amethyst to tell us about herself," I said. "Well I'm pretty much her twin sooo,". 

"Wait you know each other?" Niall asked surprised."Yep," Amethyst said wrapping her arm around Mackenzie."Cool," Harry said. 

"I'm hungry," Niall whined. "Lets go to Nandos," they both said in unison. "Their like the girl versions of Niall," Harry said. "I already love you," Niall said hugging them with his famous Horan hug. We all laughed. We all piled into the tour bus and we drove to Nandos. 

Mac's POV 

 We walked into Nandos and Amethyst sat at a booth.(i'm sorry if Nandos doesn't have booths never been there). The boys went to order and asked what we wanted. I went over to Amethyst "Amy" I said and she sat there in silence listening to music. I took out one of her earphones"Oh sorry what," she said 

"What do you want," I asked 

"Whatever taste good I don't care," she said putting her earphone back in her ear. 

"Two peri peri chicken," I said turning to the lady at the counter. Then we brought over the food well except Amethyst. 

"Thanks," she said while I handed her, her food and sat across from her with Liam and Harry while she sat with Louis and Niall. 

Amethyst POV

I was eating and listening to my music until someone decided to tap my shoulder. I turned to see Louis "What are you listening to," he said. I handed him the IPod "Ahhh 5sos we know them would you like to meet them," he said to me and my eyes went big. I felt like I was gonna FUCKING PUKE...... But in a good way. "HELL YAAAAAASSSSSSS!" I yelled getting all the guys attention.*HAPPINESS*

"Aye, look u got some fans right there," Mac said pointing to the two teen girls with one direction merch on.

They saw them and smiled and fangirled. They started walking over smiling. 

Then they saw US. 

They glared at us hard. And being the pain in the ass I am, I decided to play around with this.  

Ahhh this will be fun.

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