How One Direction Saved Our Lives

Amethyst and MacKenzie, are best friend for as long as they can remember. The two went to a One Direction concert. Little did they know that concert would change their lives for ever.This story is filled with drama, tears, and stupid humor (pranks). What one direction didn't know was that they had saved their lives at that concert. But, also don't know what they got into. Find out what happens to the girls. And, how will the boys react. What happens to the boys?
(This story is also on wattpad my other account is ATL23458)


1. Night Of Concert(1)

Mackenzie's POV

I was slammed against by my dad I winced in pain. He came home drunk again.

"Why are you still living in this world you useless slut," my mom spat at me, every word dripping with anger. My mom knocking the wind out of me when she kneed me in the stomach. Micheal, my so called dad, took the cigarette from his mouth and pressed it hard against my sickeningly pale skin, leaving a deep red burn mark. I screamed out in pain, he laughed hysterically at my pain. My mom only standing their with a smirk on here face.

" Drop her, lets hope she dies this time," she says sickly. He throws me to the cold hard tiled kitchen ground. He grunts and turns towards the living to probably drink some more. ( Michael looks like Johnny from Best Song ever video) I slowly pick myself from the floor with support from the chipped away counter from years of this kind of abuse. My mom kicked me back down to the ground and she pressed her foot into my back hard when I was planted on the ground. I was squirming around trying to get away. They stopped " Get up!" my dad said and I did as told. " We're giving you this ticket to go to that concert ,but if your not back 5 minutes after that concert ends your dead,"my dad said. I stood there shocked" Well go so I don't have to look at your fugly face," mom told me. I ran out the door as fast as I could the concert doesn't start till 7:00 and it is only 6:30 so I'm going to walk.

Amethyst POV

My parents were down stair torturing my brothers I could hear pounding like they were throwing them. They probably were. I would go down there and help him ,but my body was still numb from my beating.They punch, kick, spit, the pain and the grossness is unbearable. I got hurt worse because I would fight back when I wasn't supposed to. But, why would listen to the dumb ass people that are beating me in the first place. Once I got the strength, I went down stairs and saw my dad beating up my oldest brother, Jake my 19 year old brother, my mom was whipping my other older brother, Cameron my 17 year old brother, with a leather belt. I went up to the kitchen I grabbed what seemed like a glass bottle that said vodka. I took the glass bottle and went up to my dad and hit it over his head causing him to go unconscious."Jake, run out the door and don't stop running I will call you when I tell you to come back home," I told him and he did as told.

By then my mom was looking at me with pure anger. I didn't really care. She swung the belt at me and it hit my arm. She kept hitting me with it on my back, stomach, everywhere till I was on the ground. I screamed out in pain " Cameron, run go find Jake and stay with him," he didn't do as told he ran into the kitchen and came back with a stool. And, hit mom with it ,but she didn't go unconscious. But, she was still on the ground "Cameron run I will catch up to you," he did as told ad he shot out the front door. I went upstairs to my room I grabbed my backpack full of cloths and things I need it also had a one direction ticket and it was for today at 7:00. It was only 6:45 and the stadium isn't that far. I heard foot steps coming up the stairs. I opened the window and jumped out and ran as fast as I could. I caught up with Jake and Cameron "I'm going to this one direction concert so mom and dad don't find me what do you guys have". We all had backpacks because we have had this happen many times before. "We have tickets for NASCAR race," Jake said and they both held up their tickets. We parted ways and we all ran as fast as we could to not get caught.

Liam POV

The sun shine bright in my eyes, " Arghh I don't want to get out of bed," I sighed. But I still have to get up to keep these boys in order, or we might end up in jail. I slid out of bed not bothering to take a shower. I slowly descend the stairs into the kitchen to see Niall rummaging through the fridge. Typical.

"Morning Niall," my groggy morning voice dripping with sleep.

" Mornin' Li," he said his voice muffled from the food stuffed in his mouth

"Where are he others?" I questioned curiosity filling my voice.

"Well Harry and Louis are sleeping together like usual, and I still haven't heard from Zayn," he said matter-of-factly.

Yeah, Louis and Harry are dating ,but management won't let the public know for some unknown reason. I just think they are homophobic.

"Can we go to Nando's, please pretty please please please pleeease!!!!!"

"No, I have a headache ask Lou."

" Okay."

Lou came in walking sleepily his eyes half shut. "Louis," Niall said with puppy dog eyes.

"What do you want now," he said still tired.

"Can we pleeeaasse go to Nando's," he said with a pout and puppy dog eyes.

"Mate, does it look like I want to go to Nando's," Lou said giving him a 'Really' look.

"Yes, it does now lets go," he said skipping towards the door "you coming mate," he said with such joy.

"Nope, why don't you go yourself," Lou said sitting on the island in the middle of the kitchen.

"'Cause management wants me on a diet and I thought if one of you guys come with me then they won't be so suspicious," he said looking at the ground and scratching the back of his neck.

"Okay Niall don't eat too much 'cause we have a performance tonight," Liam said.

Louis and Niall head over to Nando's

*skip it's boring*

Amethyst POV

I heard a man yell "AMETHYST COME BACK HERE!" and when I turned around it was my dad. My heart pounded and sweat was dripping down my forehead. I ended up running faster towards the stadium.

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