time (niall horan)

Jacqueline is a fire fighter and is getting married with Jose her five year relationship who is a cop what happens when he is sent to an emergency call, Jacqueline is broken she loved him but her neighbor spends time with her will he be able to help her feel better over time.


12. time

the boys left three days ago and I don't know what might happen I feel like he's going to leave me. I'm getting ready for work I grabed my keys my phone and coffee and put them in my car and I herd my phone vibrate I saw it was a txt from harry :your medicine:) I ran back and drank them they all call me and txt me every day. I left and locked the door I got in my brand new dodge charger that the boys bought me. I drove to work when I got there I got in my work space and started files then answered some calls and cleaned my work space. I grabed my coffee and kept doing files. At lunch Tyler came in and da with me to eat "Jacqui can I ask you something " I was eating a sandwich and looking at my flight schedule. "what is it " I said. "well its not a question. I like you an-" "Tyler I can't be with you I have Niall and I love him your my best friend" he nodded and got up and was about to leave. I slammed my hand on the table"wat do you want me to do run to your arms and run in to the sunset together, it can't happen Tyler I love Niall and your my best friend don't you get that." I grabed my keys and left my office I left home and stayed in watching movies and crying out of stress.

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