time (niall horan)

Jacqueline is a fire fighter and is getting married with Jose her five year relationship who is a cop what happens when he is sent to an emergency call, Jacqueline is broken she loved him but her neighbor spends time with her will he be able to help her feel better over time.


20. the end

When we came home Niall ​stayed with me for a week and we had to take a lot of care of my baby . She so calm its crazy how much free time i have with how much she sleeps. A month after bobby and maura came to see her my daughter had blue eyes light brown hair and the cutest dimples harry gets jealous of how much everyone loves her dimples but eaven he loves to spoil her. Me and Niall are married now its great to say I'm forever his. I was putting some food away when i herd a knock on the door"who is it. " i asked "its Jose" ........

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