time (niall horan)

Jacqueline is a fire fighter and is getting married with Jose her five year relationship who is a cop what happens when he is sent to an emergency call, Jacqueline is broken she loved him but her neighbor spends time with her will he be able to help her feel better over time.


13. let me go, leave me alone

​I am going to l.a. to see the boys and Niall is going to tell me what he chose to do. I'll meet them in half an hour. I drove by a subway and got lunch I ate and it was time I got to the hotel and Liam was waiting for me. "hey Jacqui how are you" I smiled "I'm good how are you guys doing." I asked. "we are good Niall is waiting for you to talk and the boy are at the pool and I am going to be there with you guys cuz Niall asked me to" we went up the elevator and to the room Niall was on the bed sitting down "hey Jacqui um-" "cut the crap and just tell me" I said. "you were right I like Demi-" " you made me wait and drive all the way up here to tell me you didn't want me anymore" I turned around and headed for the door when liams strong hands grabed me. I started to cry and ended up sitting on the floor with my hand in my face " Niall came and da next to me. " don't Niall you promised me you would be there for me" I got up and walked to the door and Liam let me go I was down at the office checking in to a room and Niall came he let the girl give me the key and followed me to the elivator. "stop Horan, how many times did you sleep with her wile I was gone" he looked down the elivator was almost to the floor were my room was "couple of times" I started to cry and the door opened I ran to my room and locked it behind me "Jacqui pleas-" "go away Niall go with you girlfriend and don't bother me anymore I'm tired of this bull shit first Jose died and now you cheated on me" I leaned on the door and Niall nocked on his side. "we can talk Jacqui" "its to late for that" I crawled into the bed and fell asleep. I woke up to hear mocking on the door it was harry and Louis. "hey guys" I said. "hey Jacqui we whant you to come to dinner with us and Demi Niall told us about earlier" I nodded and grabed my jacket I fixed my hair and we left. When we were there Demi kept kissing Niall and holding his hand. The waiter came and they all ordered "Jacqui are you sure you don't want anything else" Demi asked. I got up and left I got a taxi and left back to the hotel I didn't want to be here by morning so I got there and was walking around in boxers and a bra when I herd the door knock I was putting my clothes back on the suitcase for tomorrow morning I opened it and saw that Niall and Demi were there "what do you want" I asked them. "we need to talk" "correction we don't " I need space. I let them in and I could feel Demi staring at me . "Jacqui we can tal-" I cut her off . "how Demi how exactly, I don't need anything from you anymore I chose to not care about it just leave me alone" I grabed my suitcase and took I to my car and left them in there when I came back it was just Niall "can you please leave " his eyes were watery and so were mine looked away and pointed at the door my tears came and so did his "Jacqui i want us to be friends " i looked down and shrugged "Jacqui please talk to me" he said. "I'm going home tonight" i said i grabed my phone and keys and left leaving him in the room crying. I checked out and got in my car. I drove a good three hours when i stoped in front of my House i grabed my suitcase and left inside.

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