time (niall horan)

Jacqueline is a fire fighter and is getting married with Jose her five year relationship who is a cop what happens when he is sent to an emergency call, Jacqueline is broken she loved him but her neighbor spends time with her will he be able to help her feel better over time.


15. her or me

​Niall p.o.v.

​I was siting on the couch and Demi was at my side when harry came running "we are going to the hospital Jacqui was caught inside a house that was burning and was being choked bye the smoke" I got up and grabed a jacket and mi and Demi ran to the car *********skip the ride **********

​I ran behind harry and the boy who were already being taken in. Demi was with me. When we stopped at the door we saw her in her bed sleeping with the oxygen mask on. Harry walked I first and kissed her forehead. I walked to her and sat next to her kissed her cheek and covered my face with my hands I "Jacqui I need you I miss you your such a great person" I froze and looked at Demi she had tears in her eyes she walked outside and I walked behind her "Demi wait " I yelled and she stopped. I got in front of her and saw that she was crying. "look Niall I can't do this you like her and you always have I'm sorry but its me or her and your going to have to be away from the one you pick for a month to spend time with me or her. It's not fair WA your doing Niall so tell me" I put my hands in my face and uncovers my face " I'm staying she needs me and i need her Demi I'm sorry your still my best friend but, I'm in love with her" she nodded

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