time (niall horan)

Jacqueline is a fire fighter and is getting married with Jose her five year relationship who is a cop what happens when he is sent to an emergency call, Jacqueline is broken she loved him but her neighbor spends time with her will he be able to help her feel better over time.


4. babe

​Niall P. O. V.

"really you guys had to pop out" I put my hands on my face. ​they jumped on me and laughed l "go talk to her mate before she falls asleep" Liam said Lou pushed me up and I walked upstairs to her room. I knocked on the door and she opened .

​Jacqueline P. O. V.

​"hey nialler come in" I smiled and let him come I my room. "Jacqui I wanted to talk to you bout wat we said earlier" I sat down and he sat down next to me leaning on the bed frame "I want you to be mine Jacqui we can be together more I would you be mine " I smiled and pecked his lips and we saw harry Lou and Liam at the door "finally " they all said and left to their rooms. My phone rang "hello Charlie" "hey kid we need you there was an emergency half an hour from here but we need all of our men we will pass bye your house in ten minutes" he hung up and i ran to my closet and got changed. "what's wrong" Niall said. "there is an emergency but I'm leaving in ten minutes ill be back at like 3 in the morning babe" he nodded she i was at the door he kissed and cheers from an ambulance were herd i smiled and left "be careful" i got in and we were on our way. "so i see you gave him a chance " Charlie said with a smile "yeah and because i have to move on you know Jose was the love of my life but i can't bring him back i have to accept he was taken from me. But it all happens for a reason right now Niall is here and waited five years patiently for me" i smiled and looked out the window "Jacqui and boys my daughter is getting married and i wanted to invite you all to come its in three days" we all cheers and kept driving till we got there it was a two story house and people had called for a smell of gas i put on a mask and an oxigen tank and left into the house i saw the father on the stairs passed out and called in back up and they came in to help him out i she up stairs and saw a little girl with a colth over her mouth she was covering her mouth and her mother was on the ground i took my mask off and let the little girl get oxigen and then the mother i helped her up and carried her and her daughter out of the house i put the oxigen back on and walked back in i saw a PitBull passed out to i grabed him and carried him out to. I ran in with Charlie he went up stairs and I looked for the kitchen i saw the stove on but it didn't have any flame so i turned it off we closed everything and left outside the little girl was holding the oxygen over her moms mouth i walked to her "thank you miss" she said and her mom opened her eyes "no honey thank you for putting that cloth over your mouth and your moms that helped the gass not get to much into your lungs" after we took them to the hospital and Niall met me there "babe i was worried" he said he hugged me and hugged him "wait i want you too meet someone" i took him to the little girls room and when she saw him her eyes opened up i laughed as Niall went to hug her "Niall hi im Stacy im five years old and you didn't know but we are married" we all laughed "but i thought you were mine " i said playing with a hand over my heart. "she your girlfriend" Stacy asked and Niall nodded "she is beautiful" she said. "i know she my princess" i smiled and the nurse came in to say that we had to leave "bye Stacy" we both said and left. "im so tired" Niall hugged me and we saw flashing i covers my face and Niall grabed my hand and we ran to the car. "oh Charlie invited me to his daughters wedding in three days i think ill call him later but i wanna take you with me " "sure love i would love to" we drove all the way home and i let my hair down from the bun it was in . "babe i love you" i said. "i love you too babe "

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