The Cowboy

When city girl Riley moves to Texas. She meets cowboy Lucas and his friends Zay and TJ. But what will happen when Riley and Lucas fall for each other.


1. The Day We Move to Texas

I'm Riley Matthews I live with my mum Topanga Matthews, my dad Corey Matthews and my little brother Auggie Matthews.

Today we move to Texas. I don't know why. This is first time I've moved and it's all the way to Texas. My family doesn't get it. I'm about to start middle school. There's two weeks left of summer so at least I get time to my self to settle in. My friends think my parents are stupid moving us to Texas. But I think Its quite cool moving to the country getting a massive house and a massive room. Plus everyone is on a horse it's so cool. There's just one problem I can't ride.

We've moved along way Texas is nothing like NewYork it worries me. A city girl in the country.

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