The Cowboy

When city girl Riley moves to Texas. She meets cowboy Lucas and his friends Zay and TJ. But what will happen when Riley and Lucas fall for each other.


3. My First Day

I made it safely to school. Walked to my first class. I was told to sit behind a boy. I looked to my right facing forward and I saw that Lucas kid. He stared at me and then tilted his hat "Welcome to Texas" he said. Then the girl sitting next to me said "I'm TJ and you are..."

"Riley" I finished the sentence.

"Never mind Lucas he's I bit of a idiot." "TJ be nice" said the boy in front of me "I'm Zay"

We started class and I felt like everyone was starring at me. Then the bell rang, I had English next. Crossing my fingers hoping I don't have my dad... I have my dad. Walked in my dad introduced his self.

"I'm Mr Matthews and I'm your new teacher" Lucas tilted his hat and my dad told him to take it off. I sank into my seat. I was sitting next to TJ again. "What's up" she asked I shrugged.

Dad started to teach when Lucas and Zay started to whispering about something. TJ turn't to me and started whispering asking how I knew Lucas, I told her about this Morning and how he stopped me from falling if my horse. She laughed a bit.

We turn't back to listen to my dad. 30 minuets past. "Riley" I heard someone say

"Do you wanna spend lunch with me Zay and Lucas" TJ said "Sure thanks TJ"

The bell rang and we walk to the cafeteria. "How long have you guys known each other" I ask

"Since we were five" Lucas replied. The convocation wasn't very big I felt kind of left out. Then TJ asked me round hers for dinner. I agreed but I had to ask my dad. Zay asked about my family. I was about to reply when the bell rang and we had to go to physical ed

"So your family?" Zay asked again. "I have a little brother called Auggie my mums a lawyer and my dads a teacher." "What does he teach" Lucas asked "English" "Is he our English teacher" TJ asked I nodded.

School ended and I went back to TJ's.

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