A Love Story

This is a story about a girl in high school who falls deeply for a guy but she doesn't know if he feels the same about her


1. The First Day

It's the first day of highschool i'm officially in 9th grade,my name is Paige,i am 5:3, i have blue eyes,dark brown hair,and i am a straight A student i am the what you would say sexy type of nerd i look hot in my friend's opinion and mine i love school one because i love my classes and two because of my friends,but the reason i love school most of all is because there is this boy that is super cute his name is trevor,he has blue eyes,he is 5:4,loves sports,and is a straight A student and he has dark brown hair. Trevor is one of the populars because of sports and because he is a straight A student on the other hand i am not a popular i have no clue why i'm just not and i am okay with that.

But today at school trevor gave me the eye,meaning he looked at me all day and smiled at me he doesn't talk to me much but it's just he always smiles at me but any other girl he looks at he doesn't smile at i don't know why but honestly i think it's awesome that he only does it to me. We have what you would call homecoming and i want to ask him to it but i am not really sure how to make a giant poster,put a decorated card in his locker or to just walk up to him and ask him,i'm not really sure yet but i have a feeling he likes me but i don't want to assume anything but we will have to see at the dance.

It's later in the day school is almost done and the last hour is the class i have trevor with he sits next to me so we are pretty much partners for everything we do and it's fun we laugh and mess around and we always get A's on our projects we do and you know sometimes we will play footsies in class which is weird but it's fun especially doing it with the guy you have a crush on just before class ended we were partnered this time we got to choose ours and i was so surprised the teacher asked me if i had a partner.

"Hey do you have a partner"

i responded "No not yet" 

and i was so surprised one of trevor's friends wanted to him to be his partner but trevor turned him down and came walking towards me 

"hey Paige do you want to be my partner?"

I responded back with a little bit of excitement in my voice"Hecks yeah"

He chuckled and we made our way to the table and we got to work and then it's been at least 10 minutes since we have been working and trevor slips me a note that he wrote and it said 

"Will you go to homecoming with me"

i looked at him and smiled and blushed and thought in my head 

"OMG i didn't have to ask i never thought he would ask me"

"do you have a pencil i can use to write with?" i asked 

He said "yes here you go"

i wrote on the note "yes"

and i folded the note back up and slipped it back to him and it was just the last few minutes of class and next thing you know he opens it says yes and then he kisses me on the check and says

"Thank you cutie"

I blushed so much to where my face turned so red i literally looked at him back and said 

"your welcome hotty" 

and then i kissed him back on the cheek his face turned red and he blushed and then he went up to his friends and said 

"Guys i just got a date to the dance with my crush"

When i heard him say that i was so excited to hear that. I went and got my stuff and after i turn around trevor is standing right behind me he scared me by hugging me from behind and this is what he says to me

"I forgot one thing that i should have done in the beginning"

And i said "Oh yeah and what is that"

And then it hit me he kissed me and it was at least 10 minutes before we came up for a breath of air because we were both overwhelmed that we couldn't stop. It was the most intense thing in the world and he said to me

"God i am so happy i got to finally kiss those lips i have been in love with you since you have started to come to our school i was just to afraid to ask you"

I said "i have been in love with you ever since i first seen you and we met i was afraid to ask you to but now we both know how we really feel about each other"

"yeah we do i hope we get to do this at the dance tomorrow and i'm sure you'll look as hot as you always do"he said with a chuckle 

i said back " Oh you know i will"

he chuckled and kissed me and said "i have to go i love you paige i know we aren't officially dating but i still do"

i laughed and blushed and said"I love you to trevor"

So paige finally got home and went to her room and was thinking about trevor the whole entire of the rest of the day since she has gotten and she kept thinking about how they kissed after school ended and how he said he loved her, she thought and thought about it and she was just so happy she didn't want it to end and she wanted their love to last forever,she walks to her closet and pulls out her homecoming dress and shoes and then she pulls out everything she needs for the dance.

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