Icy love

Gray fullbuster meets Mira Winter (oc) who he becomes friends with until one winter when Mira tells Gray something that will change their life's for the better. A lemon fanfiction not suitable for anyone under the age of 12 due to lemons
Disclaimer: I do not own fairy tail or any of the characters, unfortunately


3. Something more (Part One)

There is lemon in this chapter. So younger viewers, continue with discretion. //Co-written by: SakiraAzakun ^3^\\


~1 Week Later: Mira's P.O.V~

During the past week I've gotten to know almost everyone in fairy tail and I've come to realise that I have affectionate feelings towards Gray. My heart flutters every time he's around  and he always makes me nervous.

I'm going on a mission with team Natsu today so i guess I'll confess then. Right now I've got to get ready

"Hey guys, I'm ready!" Mira exclaimed eagerly, ready to go on her first real job.

"So we're all here" Erza said smiling at me. She walked over to me and whispered in my ear, "when are you going to confess to Gray?"

"How do you know i like him?!" I said, embarrassed 

"It's pretty obvious. To the rest of the girls anyway" she whispered, almost laughing 

"I'll tell him today after the mission" i mumble under my breath, blushing slightly

"Good because if you don't, I will" she replied quietly, smiling

"LETS GO!!" Natsu shouted, ecstatic as usual

"Ok, coming!" Both me and Erza said in unison.







~After the job as been finished, the team decides to stay the night in a local inn. Mira's 


We're walking through the woods, the trees towering over us like giants. Me and Gray are both silent as we try to find our way back to the others. We had gone out for a walk together and got lost along the way. So now we're trying to get back to the inn. It is quite quiet between the two of us, and I've decided that now's the time to confess my love to him, under the glistening of the stars.

"Hey... Ummm... Gray? Can I tell you something?" I ask curiously, a faint blush spreading across my face.

"Yeah, what's up?" Gray asks, looking down at me. His tall, masculine body glowing of silver moonlight in the darkness. His bare chest exposed, showing his vibrant FairyTail guild mark. His raven hair, gently swaying to the rhymn of the tamed cool breeze. He reminds me of an angel...












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