Icy love

Gray fullbuster meets Mira Winter (oc) who he becomes friends with until one winter when Mira tells Gray something that will change their life's for the better. A lemon fanfiction not suitable for anyone under the age of 12 due to lemons
Disclaimer: I do not own fairy tail or any of the characters, unfortunately


2. A new member

Hey, chapter 2 is here, yay! There will probably be lemon in the next chapter, idk.

Chapter 2- a new member


"Where would you like your guild mark?" Master mokarov asked "here in dark blue" Mira said pointing to shoulder "ok" he said as he gave Mira her guild mark on her right shoulder. "you are now an official fairy tail member" "yay" Mira said "let's get a drink to celebrate" (if you didn't know, Mira's an alchaholic like Cana) "ok" gray said leading Mira to the bar when she notices Cana drinking from a barel. She walks over to where Cana is sitting. "Hi, I'm Mira winter who are you?" She asked "I'm Cana Alberona, fairy tail's heaviest drinker. Did you come to challenge me?" Cana said, slightly drunk. "Yes, I did" Mira said smiling, catching the attention of the whole guild. They said thing like "are you crazy" or "who is this chic?" "I accept your challenge" Cana said. "But you're not gonna beat me" "we'll see about that" Mira said grabbing a barel of beer and starting to drink. After half an hour of drinking, Cana passed out while Mira was still drinking. "Done already?" Mira said grinning. "I'm not even dizzy" she said as she laughed. The guild was just staring at Mira in disbelief. "She beat Cana?" "No way" the guild chatted to themselves "any *hic* one els wanna *hic* challenge me? *hic*" everyone in the guild just stared at her. Gray stared at Mira with wide eyes "well, I'm gonna go home. See ya" she said as she walked of swaying a bit. Gray walked after her. "Hey Mira, how did you beat Cana at drinking?!" Gray questioned. "What *hic* do you *hic* mean?" Mira said looking at Gray "well, I'm gonna go to bed so see ya Gray" she said walking off. She lived in a house not far from the guildhall.

The next chapter will probably be a lemon so stay tuned. Review and rate plz. Bye



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