"I promised myself I wouldn't fall in love with you. But it was 4am, we were laughing way to hard, I felt happy for the first time in a long time. And I knew I was screwed."

we planned to go to prom together to make our exes jealous. but first we needed to have the best promposal anyone had ever seen.


1. chapter one

"Are we there yet?" Louis moaned. Marti's fists clenched and Charlie rolled his eyes.

"For the last time NO!"

Who knew car rides would be this much fun. "Louis, I swear you have the attention span of a goldfish." My phone was in the back and my iPod died making the trip even longer.

"Alright, listen up Charlie, Marti...ladies." Joe said clearly sounding professional.

Louis frowned pushing his chest out and tensing his muscles. "Oi, you forgot me, dimwit. I'm a man!"

"No, I included you and for your information a real man doesn't watch Veggie Tales for downtime."

"Hey, Veggie Tales is an inspirational show. And they set a good example for kids to eat healthy. I mean, who wouldn't want a huge juicy tomato telling you pizza is bad."

"Yeah...I prefer my food cooked." Joe shook his head as Louis muttered under his breath.

"Just shut up and drive." Ellie groaned signalling to Brooke to take the next turning into the water park.


As she turned off the main road, about 3 minutes in, we arrived into the car park. Clouds faded and the sun blazed through.


"Lou, we've parked."
"But you said if you see a space, say." he smiled matter-of-factly earning several death glares and a punch in the arm.

Lining up, Charlie and Louis went to get a ticket and the rest of us waited in line for our wristbands and passes.

"Kevin! Stop messing about or I'll take you home this second!" threatened a deep red faced mother holding a boy of about 5 and balancing a picnic bag on her hip.

"Aw, I remember when you were that small, Marti. You'd start talking to the older girls and Mum would rush over, holding your hand and insisting you wear more sunscreen." I reminisced smiling at my embarrassed brother.

Ellie chuckled weakly. "Poor little Martinez." she cooed.

"Nah, do you want a fight?" he smirked in a husky tone.

Fixing her hair and taking off her sunglasses, Ellie tossed her hair over one shoulder sassily, examined her nails and smiled. "Please. You couldn't take me even if you tried."

Marti looked annoyed and playfully wrestled with her until Charlie and I coughed loudly breaking them up.

"*cough* Get a room... *cough*."Charlie sighed nudging into them.

"Where's Hannah, Logan, Dan and Chloe?" Brooke asked searching around for them whilst moving up in the line.

"They're meeting us at Castaway Creek. Lou, did you get my phone out the camper?" I asked impatiently pulling up my shorts and brushing my hair out my face.

Nodding, he dug his hand into his back pocket and presented my iPhone along with a grin. returning the smile, I grabbed my phone and called Logan double checking our plans for today.


"Tiff, come to see the wave machine with me? It's like 6 foot tall!" Louis pleaded. Brooke and Ellie had left to find drinks and Charlie went to pee leaving me with Louis, Joe and Martinez.

I agreed reluctantly staring over at the turquoise clear pool swarming with people. "Fine, but after we need to find Logan and the others." Joe tugged on my arm and pulled me over to the sunbeds. The sand was cool and soft on my flip-flops as Louis guided us over to a row of about 9 sunbeds. Joe excused himself to find more sunbeds and I politely asked Louis to rub sun cream into my back. Dropping my straw hat, denim shirt-jacket and applying lipgloss, I lay back on the rubbery sunbed face down.

"Dude, stop staring at my sister." Marti joked sounding oddly protective.

Louis squeezed the lotion on my back. "Sorry." he mumbled awkwardly.


"Hurry up, Tiff, just get here already."

"But it's cold!" I frowned dipping my toes in the pool. But I had already felt a pair of strong arms shove me into the water. Resurfacing, Charlie's laughing face met mine.

"Nope." I gasped. The boys began to follow me, walking out of the pool.

"Hey, Tiff, I'm sorry. Stop walking-"

"We're going to find Hannah and Logan and everyone." Chloe and Brooke re-joined us.

"Hey, Tiff, why are you soaked?"

I turned around and reached out to grab Charlie. Swerving out the way he took several steps back before we both ran around the park dodging everyone in our way.

A group of lads surrounded me looking me up and down but I rolled my eyes hopping over a rubber ring and following Charlie into the lazy river. Only what we saw made us stop in our tracks.

Logan. "Oh my- Tiffany!'s not what it looks like. I swear." Logan and Chloe sucking each others faces off.

"Oh really?" Chloe hid a giggle and glared up at me. "Well, why don't you tell me what it is then. Because it looks like-"

By this point everyone was staring and the others had caught up with me. Marti took my arm and pulled me away but I broke free off his grasp and threw the nearest thing within distance down at them. Of course it happened to be inflatable beach balls shaped hearts.

Joe finally came to his senses and pulled me away from the scene as Chloe squealed claiming the ball left a cut down the side of her face.

The rest of the lazy river seemed to have stopped and were glaring judgingly at us and I sent the two a death glare.


"They both deserve each other, Tee." Joe wrapped his arm around me.

"Yeah, she's a slut and he's a man-whore."

"Slutty Chloe. Faker than your average Barbie doll." smirked Ellie.

"Slutty Chloe, Slutty Chloe! Come 'n' get your Slutty Chloe today! She moves too!"

"Brain not included..." I joined in smiling at everyone's attempts to lighten my mood.

Everyone laughed at this as we sat around our sunbeds.

"Hey, do you wanna see the shark reef?" Marti asked sneakily wrapping his arm around Brooke's waist.

I shrugged as the others' faces lit up at the thought of snorkelling.

"Let's go then, idiots."








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