The Ride...

Lillian Grace was the nicest girl in town. Her family was the generous in town. They decided to take a vacation. It was supposed to be a vacation. All fun and games. Wait until they pick up someone, from the other side of the rode. Soon they will all learn from their ONE mistake. A small one. That they didn't take cautiously. Be careful,who you meet. You never know who they can be...


2. Spring Break!

"Happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Lillian. Happy birthday to you!" "You look like a monkey,and smell like one too! Haha!" Dean joked

"I don't know why you are laughing it's her birthday." Sam argued. *rolls eyes* "Whatever,Sam" Hey! It's my birthday! Screw you Dean! "Whoah whoah woah."

Language Lillian Grace! Sorry,momma. "Keep acting like that I won't give you're present." Carlos said

"What's my present?!" Lillian Screamed Give me! Please! I been waiting forever! "We are going on vacation!" Alaina said "To Florida!" Carlos said "Lillian you get $250 for your birthday" Alaina agreed

"What? Mom that's not fair! I want money" Dean decided "Its called get a job." Carlos laughed "Haha." Sam said laughed. "Good one dad." 😑 " That's soo funny"🙄 Dean said sarcastically

"Well, we are going to Florida!" Carlos said "Plus we are driving." Everyone stayed quiet. They went to Florida before. The kids were very disappointed. "Okay I can't wait!" Lillian on the other hand was delightful. She was the only one.

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