You Ruined Our Lives

Leonardo and his family are turned human in an accident. What will happen when someone gets pregnant and then they have to move to stop anyone from finding them. This is rated explicit content for a reason if you don't like things like that then don't read it it's as simple as that. Also I don't own the turtles or mentions of any other TV shows in this fic. <3


2. Moving House and New School

You Ruined Our Lives

a/n: New Chapter this is about five weeks later, they have moved and already settled down in their new lives in L.A. The word for this chapter is ocean. Enjoy!!! :)

Chapter 2

Sam was out shopping at a mall when she seen a group of kids advertising something. Curious she walked over. "Hi said a girl with red hair. "Hi." Sam replied. 
"Do you want to sign up for an audition?" She asked. Another girl with brown hair turned around. 
"What is the audition for exactly?" Sam asked. She looked over her shoulder. 
"It's for our school. We are trying to get more students. I'm Tori." Sam signed the sheet of paper. "Thank you." Tori looked down at the paper. "Samantha. Be sure to prepare a song. See you here at four." 
"What that leaves me two hours." Sam said panicking slightly.
"So deal with it." Said an older man. He was dressed like a hippy. Sam walked away not realising that if she did get into the school he would be one of her teachers. 

Leo spotted his sister and lover and walked over to her. "Are you okay Sam?" He asked. They had told everyone about them yesterday because Sam had went to the doctor's and found out that she was pregnant. The strange thing about it was no one was upset about it in anyway. In fact they were supporting them. "I have to sing in front of a bunch of people in two hours. Leo can you help me pick a song."
"Why don't you sing Adele. Someone Like You. You have an amazing voice. Hopefully our baby will have your talents." Sam smiled at this. The baby was going to change everything for them. And there was a chance of having twins.

Two Hours Later Sam stood on the stage. "I'm Samantha Hamato. I'll be singing Adele, someone like you." Sam began to sing. Sam reached the chorus. "Never mind I'll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best for you too. Don't forget me I beg I remember you said. Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead. Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead." The man that had told her to deal with her lack time told her to stop.
"That was amazing. How old are you?" He asked.
"I'm 15." She answered. 
"Do you want a full scholarship?" He asked her. The man next to her turned around.
"I'm the principal at Hollywood Arts. And I agree with Schiowitz you are really good." He stood up and walked over to her and placed something in her hand. "Take it home and have your parents sign it." Sam nodded. "I look forward to seeing you in the hallways.

Sam got Splinter to sign her scholarship and handed it in. Sam was now able to start school.

It was her first day of Hollywood arts. Tori spotted her at her locker. "Hey you were that girl that sang Adele?" She said. Sam closer her locker. "you are one of the people who asked me sign up. Tori right."
"Yeah good memory." Tori looked at the plain locker. "You get to customise that you know."
"I do, awesome." Sam commented. She opened it back up. Remembering something that she had to do. Her prenatal vitamin. "I have so many ideas. I know." She slammed the locker closed again and brought her phone out of her pocket. 
"Donnie I am going to need paints. Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, Brown Black and White. Bring permanent markers as well. Thanks see you soon bye." 
"Okay that was fast, what are you thinking? Want to meet my friends?" Sam smiled and forgot about her locker temporarily. 

Tori led her over to a group of five people sitting on the stairs. "Samie, this is Beck, Andre, Robbie, Cat and Jade. Guys this is Samie."
"Nice to meet you babe." Andre said standing up and putting his arms around her.
"I have a boyfriend." Sam replied, 'And he is my brother' She thought to herself. 
 "I like sharp things. What are your interests?" Jade asked.
"Martial arts, science, medicine and more recently singing."
"Wow your a quadruple threat." Robbie said.
"Yeah and you are no where near that level of skill." Said a puppet.
"This is Rex, he means well." Robbie said ignoring what the puppet had said.
"He's a puppet."
"That is an offensive term. What class are you in next." Rex said.
"I have someone called Schikowitz. He was at my audition. What about you guys?" 
"You are in our class." Beck said. "Don't worry you will like it." They all walked off and into class.

Half an hour later Sam was very interested in her lesson. This guys knew what he was talking about. He pointed at her. "Go into the acting area." He pointed at Jade. "Pick a scenario."
"Leader of an evil ninja clan is trying to kill you." Jade smiled. Sam nearly burst out laughing right there and then. 
"I might need some help, Beck. I need you to be the evil clan leader." Sam picked up a random metal bucket from a box of props and put it on his head. 
"You aren't going to make it out of this room alive." Beck said.
"No, Shredder it is you who isn't getting out of this room alive." Sam seen a random mop and took the head off of it. She twirled it around. 
"Do you think that scares me child. I have been able to do that for more years than you have been alive. Beck picked up a broom and took the head off it. He hit Sam's mop handle with it. Sam hit his back. Soon they were reenacting a scene that was actually true. Before they took each other's heads off. Schikowitz made them stop the scene.
"Shredder sounds like a cheese grater, where did you get it from?" He asked her.
"I just thought of it. I guess I was thinking about cheese graters that have gauntlets and countless evil ninjas that the cheesegrater uses to try and wear you down before taking you out."
"Moving on." Schikowitz said and Sam and Beck took their seats.

Lunch came and Donnie seen his sister. He ran up to them. "Hey geekzilla. What do you want?" Jade said.
"Jade relax this is Donnie, he's my brother. D did you get the stuff?" Sam explained.
"Yeah, why do you need it?" He asked. Sam stood up grabbed his hand and led him to her locker. 

"I need to customize it and I have a brilliant idea. Help me paint it." Sam pulled out the black paint and painted five turtles on it. Next she carefully added tiny weapons for them and gave them masks. "Are you doing what I think your doing?" Donnie asked her. Sam nodded and they painted some more eventually they finished and painted the background black.
"Come on sis let's find your friends."

They found the others and got them to follow them back to Sam's locker. "What do you guys think?" Sam asked.
"Are those turtles with ninja masks and tiny little weapons?" Robbie asked. "That is pretty cute. Why though?"
"We are trained in ninjutsu and we like turtles so I thought ninja turtles."
"Hey my lunch break is almost over. I have to get back. See you at home sis." Donnie said ducking out."
"Did he help you with this?" Tori asked her.
"Yeah he helped me paint it. Why?" Sam replied.
"Nothing you two are really good at that."
"You should watch him engineer something, one time he literally built a robot using scrap metal from a junk yard."
"Why the junk yard?" Tori asked.
"They let you go in and take all the supplies you need because no one needs them anymore." The other seen her point of view and carried on with the rest of the day. The unveiling of Sam's locker being the highlight.

a/n: Not really a lot on Sam and Leo I just wanted to see if that would work. Please tell me if you think that it doesn't work and I can always change it. Thanks <3

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