Bewitched-not your usual fairy tale

Two people who wanted a child more than they ever wanted anything else. Even more than the things they each wanted in their youth. They had the child and everything is pure joy. However, this is not their story. In fact it is the story of the very people who are going to make these people's lifes misserable once more.
The story of two witches who have each been promised the first born child. Forced to live together and raise the child the witches are annoyed to say the least.
But slowly, a spell starts to fall upon them. A love spell Mayhaps?


2. Prologue (Raina)

In many ways Elisa was actually very charming if not beautiful. However, she knew very well that Elisa, as a woman from a family that was known for it’s in infertility, was in desperate need of beauty to make any man take her as his wife. 

The witch watching her from her crystal smiled. At least that was some of the matter. Elisa was also just desperately wanted to me special, since her life so far had not. Maybe even so much she would be willing to pay for that beauty of hers.

Raina shook her long, dark and wavy hair over her shoulder and laughed. The flame on the candle in front of her on the table started hissing at her. With an annoyed sigh she put out the candle with a single flip with her wrist. Unfortunately, her magic was not made for such basic magic, one could even say that such simple magic was lost with too much power, and the candle exploded. 

She cursed and turned around on her heals. “Bloody candles, I’ll give you explosions!” Without giving it any second thought, she sent a fireball toward the table and the entire thing was left a smoking pile of ashes. For good measure she then went to step on it with her long shafted black leather boots with a four inches heal. And threw it all out of the window and on to the little lake next to her cottage in the woods, in case it decided to grow legs and wanted revenge.

After that she cleaned of her hands in her dress and smiled brightly towards the sky. It was blue, not with a single cloud in sight and the perfect day to pay her new toy a visit. 

The way to Elisa’s home reminded of the first day, she came to this town. Roaming the realms had become boring, and Raina had decided to try something different. Even though she only now looked young, she was also young in spirit. Therefore of course she wanted to get to know the locals, maybe even befriend them. 

Elisa’s parents had been some of them. They were kind and open minded, and Raina were not proud to admit that she actually fell in love with the way they lived their life. The let her into their friend group, only to abandon her, when they learned about her magic powers.

Raina had been furious. So furious she had cursed the parents and the entire family tree, that they would never be able to have children. Unfortunately, Elisa’s mom where already expecting a baby. But the curse remained and soon the rumor. Everybody knew that they their family would die out with their daughter.

Actually the curse wasn’t really a thing. As soon as she learned about the baby, she had removed it. I was not fair to condemn the life of a child. Now, on the other hand, Elisa was grown up and all ready to take on the revenge, Raina still craved. 

That was much about what Raina did these days. She regained the trust of the family and became a lady that you would seek out for advice or medical treatment. Too she would make deals that would ensure you magic help with a problem you couldn’t handle without it. But if you wronged the deal or abused her kindness, revenge was on the menu, and you were dessert.

Arriving at Elisa’s place she found the young woman alone outside of the house pealing peas. Raina joined down beside her and picked out a few pea pods. Better not do it with magic.

“Hello dearest,” started Raina without looking up at the young woman. Elisa jumped in her seat.

“Oh my dear!” she exclaimed. “You frightened me. Might I ask who you are?” Raina didn’t exactly answer her, but she did look up, and Elisa went pale. Raina’s eyes were purple. As only her in town. “What do you want from me?” she said instead.

“It is simple really. I want to help you my dear. I can make you so beautiful that you would marry yourself, should you ever get a mirror.” 


It wasn’t more difficult than that. Elisa wanted this beauty so desperate that she was willing to give most anything. Raina’s request seemed bearable. She wanted Elisa’s firstborn child. But as Elisa told herself, if she became that pretty, beauty would be enough. And she couldn’t have kids in the first place, her parents had told her.
What she didn’t think of was the fact that Raina had made the curse, and she would never have made a deal without getting anything out of it. Which was good. She was getting quite lonely out there in the forest. Having a baby would maybe brighten things up a bit. 

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