Bewitched-not your usual fairy tale

Two people who wanted a child more than they ever wanted anything else. Even more than the things they each wanted in their youth. They had the child and everything is pure joy. However, this is not their story. In fact it is the story of the very people who are going to make these people's lifes misserable once more.
The story of two witches who have each been promised the first born child. Forced to live together and raise the child the witches are annoyed to say the least.
But slowly, a spell starts to fall upon them. A love spell Mayhaps?


4. Chapter 2 (Raina)

Purple eyes followed the family for months. Elisa got so tired of the annoying cat that kept appearing at random times, that she in the end actually decided to just feed the stupid animal. So what had in the beginning been a real pain in the ass, had now become almost like a family pet, as much as a cat now could be.

If you tried to lift said cat, she would scratch. If you tried to pet her, and she wasn’t in the mood, she would flay you. You tried to have peace and she didn’t approve? You bet ya, she’d make sure she was your primary concern. 
And of course she only showed up whenever she wanted to.

This went on for almost nine months. Elisa, as the child grew bigger inside her, was actually happy to have some company in the long days, where her husband was out working. 
When the day, that two would become three, were finally due, Elisa was disappointed to find, that her black and purple eyed friend were nowhere to be found.


Raina was busy in her little cottage. She loved mornings more than anything in the world, and she had gotten up by dawn, just to fly a short trip to the seaside, not far from the village. At least… it wasn’t that far, when you could take the shape of any bird you’d like and fly wherever the wind took you. There she sat on the beach, watching the sun rise over the sparkling water and just feel how everything was really at peace. 

It was times like this, that Raina felt like she could really breathe. In the village, or the cottage even, she felt imprisoned. Probably because she spent so much time alone. But at the beach she wasn’t completely alone. She was together with the sunrise, and the beauty of a new day, however dark it most probably was going to be, because you know, she was a black fucking witch. 

Now, back at the cottage, the morning routine had finally really started. Being so early up, Raina did what any rational being would do and went straight back to bed, to sleep only for a few hours, before the red male cat, that had decided to adopt Raina, started liking her face, which meant it was close to midday.

“Really, Bast? You that hungry? I can asure you, I do not taste that well.” Then, she turned to the side and slept an hour longer.

Waking up, her stomach was growling. Looking at the cat, that patiently waited for her to notice him, Raina started cooking. Again, her magic were failing her. She could not make any meals with magic, without fear of poisoning herself. But she actually sorta enjoyed cooking. At least until she lost patience and let the food burn because, why the hell where it punishing her so much by being so slow cooking.

And then she had to start over. Oh well.

When she finally did finish the breakfast, the cat jumped on her shoulder.

“You are getting too big for that.”

“You are getting too small,” the cat replied and ate half of her food.

Raina was about to get seriously angry and maybe turn Bast into a dancing penguin, until he was ready to apologize, but she didn’t manage to get that far.

A weird, almost enjoyable chill went through her body and she instantly knew, what had happened. Elisa would finally pay the price of her beauty. The baby was born.


Cat shaped Raina appeared in the darkest corner of the little families house. Just in time to hear:

“I’m here to collect, darling.” 

Without anyone noticing, Raina sneaked closer, suddenly very concerned about what was going on. Who was this witch, that claimed that the child belonged to her?

“You’re not my witch,” Elisa said. Raina understood, that if she wanted what was rightfully hers, she would have to fight for it. She changed to human form and appeared in their midst, not caring the slightest that she was wearing nothing but her own naked skin.

“I am.” 

Raina locked eyes with the other witch, that she, not very proudly, would have to admit was almost as beautiful, as she had made Elisa back when the deal was made.

“Who are you to claim what is mine?” she spoke, looking at the beautiful witch, crossing her arms and tilting her head slightly to the side. A smile, that was more dangerous than endearing, found it’s way to Raina’s lips, while she waited for the answer.

Elisa stood terrified and looked at the two witches, tears filling her eyes. She turned to her husband and asked, with a voice trembling with fear.

“What is going on?”

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