Falling For Him

Nadine Taylor. Not much to say besides she the goodie goodie of the school. Gets all A's. Her parents end up and jail. And has to stay with one of her best friends named Grace. She has another friend named Faith. Grace and Faith are party girls, Her...not so much. When Grace introduces her boyfriend and his friends, Michael and Nadine meet. Her heart races and can't stop thinking about him she's falling for him, but will he fall for her?


7. Chapter 7

~Nadine Pov~

"Faith you popped it!" I scolded.

"Sorry" she said. We laughed.

"I'm I think that's enough" Grace said.

"How?" I ask.

"Maybe it's because we have five buckets full" Faith said.

"Okay grab one" I said and we all did.

"Outside we go!" Grace said and we all went outside.

"I'll get the guys" I said. And I walked up stairs and walked in Graces room I sat down on the ground.

"You know there's a chair right?" Luke asks.

"Yeah I'm just waiting for y'all to get up" I said.

"Why?" Calum asked.

"Because of this" I said and held up the water balloon.

"Why do you have that?" Ashton said.

"Because we're gonna have a water balloon fight" I said.

"Ooo fun" Luke says.

"Yeah out back" I said and held out my hand so I could get some help up.

"What?" Calum asks.

"Never mind then" I said and got up myself. "You might want to leave your phones" they took out their phones and put them on the dresser.

"Attack!" Faith said.

"No not me I'm on your team" I said.

"What took you so long?" Grace asked.

"Nadine wouldn't get up" Luke said.

"You were taking to long" I said and threw a balloon at him.

"Hey!" Luke yelled and threw one at me I dogged it.

"You missed" I said and threw one again. Water balloons were flying everywhere. I was the less soaked one though yay for me right? All of the water balloons were gone in like and hour. But the fun wasn't over.

"Nadine what are you doing?" Grace said.

"Jumping" I said and jumped in he pool. Grace did after me hen everyone else.

"Anyone wanna race?" I ask.

"No because you always win" Grace said.

"I will" Calum said.

"Great" I said and I got out.

"What are you doing?" Calum asks.

"We're gonna race you have to dive in" I said.

"Oh" he said and got out.

"Okay everyone ready?" Faith asks. We nod.

"I'm gonna beat you" he said.

"You can try" I said.

"One...two...three...go!" Faith said. We dived in and I swam as fast as I could. I reached he end and I resurfaced. I won.

"Damn it!" Calum yelled.

"Luke, Ashton it's time to pay up" I heard Michel say.

"We're you gambling on my Michael?" I ask.

"Yeah and you just got me forty bucks" he said. I got out and walked over to him and took a twenty.

"Hey you took my money!" He yelled.

"I get half" I said.

"Why is that?" He said walking up to me.

"Because you gambled on me and I won I get half" I said.

"I don't think that's how it works" he said his face getting closer to mine. His lips were so close to mine until I looked away.

"Here take your money" I said giving it back to him and going inside. I walked to my guest bedroom at Grace's house. I close the door and locked it. I got dressed in dry clothes. I unlocked the door and put some music on. And fell asleep.

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