Tragic but Love


1. Introduction

All I think about is you, the way you made me feel, the spark that I want so baldy back there’s nothing I want more then you. So, where did it all go wrong, when did we fade into this void that we or I can’t break. You had me hooked on forever but I guess our forever was different don’t you think? From 8th Grade losers to 10th grade lovers don't you think we could have lasted another few years? I mean we took two years of love and time from one another, I thought that would be enough to make you wanna stay and never leave but it never stopped you from leaving, going to her, acting like I didn't matter anymore. All love comes with a price why was mine losing you? I guess it was for the best. I mean this isn't a movie, the girl doesn’t get the guy. The whole world falls to your hand and in that moment everything in the world was amazing.Nothing was gonna change, Forever you dreamed but dreams, oh sweet dreams are just fantasy and thats the life we all live. Let me tell you a story about Love. Not the kind that works about but the kind you love when its happening you don't want it to stop. Here goes my love story/HeartBreak.Enjoy.
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