Complicated |C.H|

I'm complicated..I know


1. Kendall

I blast music in my room so loud that I could barely hear the constant pounding on the door from my parents. I glance at my phone and see that I'm getting a call from Kat. My best friend in the world. I pick up the phone as I turndown my music. My parents sigh in relief throughly my door and walk a away.

"Hello?"I say

"Hiiii Kendall!!!!"Kat screams through my cell phone. "Please do not tell me you have plans tonight?"

"Other than watching the premiere of 'Animals in the city ' but yea no" I reply . Then twirled my hair around my finger.

"Great! I have tickets to 5 seconds of summer concert!!" She scream. I scream as well

"I'll be over in a sec" she hangs up as I flop on to my bed. I sighed I'm going to see 5 seconds of summer!!! Over my bed is there poster. I drew a heart over Calum face. Love him. A few minutes after I satire lovingly into Calum dark brown eyes. I hear a knock on my door along with Kat skipping in. She flopped on the bed next to me. Her blonde hair spreads flower. And she looks into my brown eyes as I look into her blue ones.

"Are you ready for the best night of your life?!" She says

"Yeaaa!" I screams . She hops off my bed and opens my closet. Half of the clothes are hers. Like stuff I've bored and never gave back and stuff she forgot here.

I apply a little lipstick and ruffle my hair. Yep I'm ready for the best night of my life. Kat pulls out her phone so we can take a selfie. #liveyoung

"How did you even score these tickets?" I ask examining her tickets realizing that were in like the 10th row.

"My dad felt guilty for leaving on a business trip for two months." She says as we got in her car. "If you think this is good just wait until you see what she got my mom."

We pulled up to the arena and then line is jam packed. We got out the car and stand in line

"Excuse me ladies but may interest you in offer?" A young man says He wore white stainless suit with slick back black hair.

"What kind of offer?" Kat ask

"Well it's seems to me that my date showed me up and I have VIP tickets with backstage passes for a band I don't even like. So can we do trade? For my VIP tickets for your useless tickets?" He says raising and eyebrow.

"Can we have a minute?" I ask him he nodded and pulled out his phone and pretends to call someone. "Kat we can not do this he is up to no good"

"Look at what he's wearing it's obvious his was ready for a date!" Kat says glancing at him I do the same.

"I really don't thi-"

"Deal!" Kat says to the man handing him the tickets. Before I can say anything else he ran off. I begin to run after him but I'm trailing behind. And running in heels aren't really my thing. I flopped on a bench behind the arena.

"I'm sorry Kendall..I should have listen to you.." She says flopping next to me

"Why didn't you?" I yell

"Because you do that thing were you always think about negatives and I wanted us to have fun...let lose?" She says fidgeting with her purse.

"Well now we are outside while thousands of people are watching 5SOS play live" I sigh

"Please don't play the guilt your gonna be mad at me forever" she says giving her pouty face

"I'm not mad I'm just disappointed" I laugh. She hugged me and we sat there.

"I'm hungry I think I'm going to get the car and get mcdonalds you coming?" I shook my head and watch the cars go by. "O K but text me if you want anything" she left.

A taxi drove right into a puddle. Splashing mud and water all over me. I scream letting mucky water drip into my mouth. I scream again. I got up dripping wet and try to find Kat. Or someplace dry.

Behind the arena I see a door I open it and see a stairwell. I sit on the last step and lay down and begin to drift asleep.

"I think she's dead mate"

"She can't be she's still breathing"

"She's freaking hot"

"Luke your such a pervert"I hear voices say. I open my eyes and see four boys standing over me. It's them.

"Are you okay?" Calum asks I start to sit up. I nod as in reply. I am I really sitting in front 5 seconds of summer?!!!

"She's soaking wet" Michael says

"No way!!" Aston says sacastically

"Here have my sweater" Calum says staring at me. I take his sweater and put it on. I smile with delight. His sweater is so soft and cozy plus it's Calum's sweater.

"Do you want to call someone?"Ashton asks.

"Yea...wait..where the hell is my phone and wallet!!!"I yell

"Someone must of mugged you while you were past out" Michael says

"Well I have no were to go..I drove here with my friend and she must be gone by now.." I say looking at my feet. Just now noticing that someone stole my shoes too. Great..just great

"You can come to our house" Calum says helping me get up. "Where's your shoes? Did they take that too?"

"Probably" I laughs. He shrugged his shoulders and picks me up and carries me damsel in distress style. I scream as he does it.

"So what's your name" He whispers as he carries me into the car

"Kendall My name is Kendall" He smiles and sits next to me.

"Nice to meet you Kendall"

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