I hate you

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3. "what the fuck"

Emily's POV


We get to my house and he comes in after me "what the fuck are you doing" I say "uh Luke wants me to what here for him" Ashton says I just go up to my room

I put in finding nemo on my tv and lay on my bed. Couple minutes later I here a knock on my door. "Yes?" I say then Ashton just walks into my room "you know that didn't mean come in" I say "oh" Ashton says then plops down on my bed "what are you doing" I say "I'm watching the movie with you" Ashton says "fine but only until my brother comes home" I say he lays down beside me and we watch the movie

We both fall asleep after that

I wake up and I'm snuggled up to Ashton. "So you hate Ashton uh" Luke says with a smile

I immediately pull away from Ashton, but Ashton just laughs and smiles

"Man he has a great smile and laugh" I say not meaning to

"what did you say" Luke says "uh um nothing" i say "sure" Ashton says "get out of my room" I say pushing them out 

I go and turn on the tv and watch it for a couple of hours but then i hear a lot of noise from down stairs, so i go down to check what it is. 

i see my brother and his friends. They are playing video games. "hey, why are they here" i say to Luke "because i wanted them over" he says 

"hey, Emily" Micheal says "hey" I say while going to sit beside him "hey, want to watch a movie with us later" Calum says 

"sure, what movie" I say "you can pick" Calum says 

"ok, how about the movie, If i stay" i say holding the dvd up "i guess, what you guys think" Calum says "that's fine" Luke & Micheal & Ashton all say 

i put in the movie and look around for a seat but the only seat left is beside Ashton so i sit beside him

after awhile of watching the movie i fall asleep. 

I wake up and feel someones warm arms rapped around me. I don't open my eyes i just lay their cuddle up to them. 

When i open my eyes i'm in Ashton's arms. We are the only ones in the room. 

"goodmorning sleepy head" Ashton says to me. "morning" i say as pulling away from him 

"what no attitude today" Ashton says with a smile "shut up" i say 

 I realize he doesn't have a shirt on and I just look at him for a couple of minutes but quickly stop myself

"You liking what you seeing" Ashton says "uh ..... yes ... I mean no ... Err" I say as I start to blush

Man you do not like him. I tell myself but I just start to stare him again

"Emily, hello" Ashton says while waving his hand in front of my face

"What" I say still looking at him

He pulls me closer to him by my shirt, I want to resist but can't stop myself. His lips gets closer to mine. He kiss me, and I kiss him back

I don't resist. I just let it happen.

I lay back on the couch as he is kissing me. He is now on top. He slips his tongue into my mouth and I accept. We are fully making out.

Then Michael walks in the living room

"What the fuck" Michael screams

Everyone comes into the living room

"What the fuck is going on" Luke screams

Me and Ashton both look at Luke

"Uh Luke ... Uh nothing" I say

"Nothing!?! You call that nothing" Luke screams at me

"Just leave me alone" I say

"No, you can't make up your god damn mind, one moment you hate my best friend, the next you're making out with him" Luke yells

I just run up stairs and slam my door

I'm sitting there with my back against the door and I hear a knock

"Go away" I say "please, let me in" a warm sweet voice says "depends" I say

"On what" they say "on who it is" I say

"It's Calum" he says

I open the door and let him in

"You okay?" He says

"To be honest Calum, no I'm not, I like Ashton, I really do but I'm just afraid, I'm afraid that one day he will wake and not like, that it was all just lie, that this was nothing but making out and I just don't know what to do" I say while crying into Calum

"It's okay" he says

"And to make it worse i hate him and like him all at the same time" I say while sobbing


Hope you guys liked the chapter




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