I hate you

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4. "I hate you, I love you"

Luke's POV

I headed towards the bathroom when I hear Emily say, "he was the world to me but I wasn't to him" then little sobs started coming from her room

Man Ashton really messed her up

I put my hand on the door pushing it open and say "Are you okay Emily" she's sitting on her bed with her head down "uh yea, ..... I'm fine" she says through sobs "Emily tell me" I say "no just go fucking hang out with that dick of a friend you call Ashton" She yells "fine, whatever Emily" I say

Michael, Ashton, and Calum walk through my door "dude what's with the yelling" Michael says "uh nothing just Emily" I say "you hurt her" I say directed toward Ashton "what" Ashton says "you hurt her Ashton" I say again slightly annoyed "okay, okay I get. I'll apologize" he says

He walks over to her door and knocks "huh Emily, can we talk" he says "no" she says "please, Emily" he says opening the door "fine" she says while looking at the ground "I'm sorry" he says "NO YOU'RE NOT ASHTON, YOU ARE NEVER FUCKING SORRY" she screams "YES EMILY I AM SORRY" he screams "STOP LYING TO ME, IF YOU WERE SORRY YOU WOULDNT HAVE IGNORED ME" she screams while looking she might cry "IF YOU WERE SORRY THEN YOU WOULDNT HAVE THROWN YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THE TRASH, SO TELL ME ASHTON, WHY" she screams "I was afraid" he says "OF WHAT ASHTON" she screams "THERE IS SOMETHING DIFFERENT ABOUT YOU, SOMETHING SPECIAL, I CANT GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD" he screams "I WAS AFRAID OF YOU" he screams

I turn towards the rest of the guys and say "maybe we should leave" because I could tell it was about to get emotional and I didn't want to be there to see it

I get my car keys off the dinning room table and we leave

Ashton's POV

"Ashton I" is all she says while looking into my eyes I just grab her chin and pull her close and kiss her "I'm sorry" I say with tears starting to roll down my cheeks. She says nothing. She just kisses me back

"You don't have to be afraid" she says I look at her and kiss her. We go back and end up kissing on her bed.

I place gentle kiss on her face all the way down to her neck. I kiss her neck, hard. She moans.

As we are kissing she goes for my shirt and takes it off. She feels my abs

I pull away from her. "Come on, I'm taking you somewhere" i say putting back on my shirt "where" she asks "somewhere special" I say smirking I grab her arm and push her against my car. I kiss her hard while holding her hands "come on. Get in" I say "but why" she says with a questioning look "just trust me" I say while getting in the car

We're go to my favorite place. A secret little spot in the middle of the forest that only few very close friends know of.

"It's beautiful" she says "yea, me and the guys use to come here as kids" I say "it was like a escape from the world when we were younger, we could stay here all night long and the monsters would never find us" I say and laugh from how silly I sound. "Why did you take me here" she says "because I wanted you to see something as beautiful as you" I say. She stared at me blushing. "Thanks" she says

I never want this to end, but I know somehow I'll mess this up


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