I hate you

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5. "don't you dare"

Ashton's POV

I woke up to the smell of pancakes. I put on my black t-shirt and went downstairs. "Good morning sunshine" Emily said "morning" I said

God she looked beautiful standing there in one of my big shirts. "You know you're beautiful" I said while starting at her "thanks, I made pancakes" she said

I grabbed a plate of delicious pancakes and went in the living room. Emily followed behind me and sat down beside me. She was really quite and it was creepy. I knew something was wrong. "Emily what wrong" I said while looking at her ocean blue eyes. "N.. Nothing" she said looking like she might cry "babe tell me please" I said

"W...Well my mom and Luke were in a car crash" she says with watery eyes "are they ok" I ask with a concerned face "L..Luke is fine but my m..mom is gone" she says and burst into tears

God I am horrible at comforting people

I pull her into my arms and just hold her, while she cries into my chest "it's gonna be okay" I say while holding her I

"No, it's not Ashton because I can't lose her" she says crying into my chest

I grab her by the chin and look into her eyes and say "baby look at me it's gonna be alright, I will be here for you"

"Promise?" She says all teary eyed "I promise" I say

"Come on, get dressed. I'm taking you somewhere" I say with a smirk

"Where" she says looking all excited like a three year old

God I love her

*twenty minutes later*

"Baby come on, hurry up" I say

"Ok done" she says

I pull her in for a hug and give her a little tiny peck on the cheek

"Get a room" Luke says while walking into the room

"Lucas oh my god you're home" she says

"Don't call me that" Luke says

"Well, where are we going" she says

"Ask Luke it was his idea" I say while looking at him

"Come on mate" Luke says

"Well, come on get in my car" Luke says while heading toward the door

"We're going on tour" He says to Emily

"Oh my god, you're kidding right? I'm so happy" she says while jumping up and down, then hugs Luke

Emily's POV

"God this tour bus is big, I can't believe you guys are really do this" I say

"Do what? Going on tour, easy" Luke says

"No letting me come with you guys" I say looking at him

"It wasn't easy with your annoying ass" Luke says

"Oh come on you love me" I say and then stick my tongue out at him

"Nope, I don't" Luke says with his arms crossed

"Fine then I will just leave" I say grabbing my stuff

"Ugh I was kidding, you're such a baby" Luke says walking towards me

"And I was kidding too" I say while laughing and smacked him upside the head

"That hurt you ass" Luke says while rubbing his head

"LUKE NO CURSING" Michael screams as he runs into the room and tackled Luke

"HERE I COME" Calum and Ashton scream. And proceed to tackle Luke

"Emily don't you dare" Luke says to me in an angry voice

"Don't what Luke ? I have no idea what you're talking about" I say sarcastically

"I swear to god, if you do I will kill you" Luke threatens

"In that case, I will" I say and jump on all of them

"Fuck, that hurt. At least warn me" Ashton says

"Well you should have moved" I say as I'm getting up off of them

Then Ashton comes and grabs me by my waist. While starting to kiss my neck

"Babe stop" I giggle

"Ugh get a room you two" Michael says

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