Revenge paid in Blood

This is going to be a rollplay of two sisters who are not normal,they are what you would call Vampires. More the less nobody believes in us but we are real and sometimes it's hard living the way we do but we have no choice,But we weren't born like this we were once human. So we are trying to find the one who did this to us and changed us into these monsters,We have been living like this for 15 years our parents died when we were just 10 years old and we just had each other until our whole lives changed.


1. The Beginning

8 years before our parents died we were living in this big house in Las Angeles,California,me and my sister are 9 years old we will be turning 10 in a few weeks our parents are putting together this awesome birthday party for us,we are absolutely excited for it. Our names are Ashley and Arianna but they call me Ari for short , Ashley has Long black hair,her eyes are blue,she is about 5:3,Very beautiful skin tan as the sand on the beach,Ari has blonde hair,she has blue eyes,she is about 5:3,same as ashley very beautiful skin also tan as the sand on the beach. So we are all one big happy family we have a big house lots of money we get along very well our mom is the funny one,but our dad on the other hand can be a bit too serious sometimes.

Our dad walks into the kitchen and says to ashley

"hey sweetie how was school?" 

Ashley says "it was okay"

Dad then replied with "Are you okay you seem sad?"

Ashley responds "yes dad i'm okay just didn't really have a that good of a day that's all"

Dads says "Why is that it's alright sweetie you can talk to me!"

Ashley sighs and says "i know dad it's just some kids at school not being very nice to me"

Dads says "Are they bullying you?"

Ashley starts to let out a cry and says "yes they are but i tried not to let them bother me but it doesn't help when they keep doing it"

"Well How about this tomorrow i will take you to school and we will talk to the principal and you can tell him or her whats going on okay honey" dad says to ashley with a little bit of sorrow in his voice

Ashley says to her dad as she wipes away the tears "Yes dad because i really don't want them to keep bullying me everytime i go to school"

Dad says with a bit of sadness "I know sweetheart it will stop soon."

Ashley begins to walk to the fridge to get some of her yogurt that their mom bought ashley it was never opened so when she takes the yogurt and sets it on the counter and gets a bowl and spoon she notices that the yogurt was opened so ashley yells

"ARI", Ari comes running down stairs and says "Yes ashley?"

Ashley says with some anger in her voice "Did you get into the yogurt mom got me?"

Ari says with some sarcasm and tension in her voice "NOOOO Don't be silly Ashley"

Ari chuckles a bit,Ashley responds back "Yeah okay when mom got it,it wasn't opened"

Ari says with some laughter in her voice "YEAH I know but it wasn't me okay if it was i would have said something me and you don't keep secrets remember?"

Ashley gave a sigh and said "yeah i suppose your right i'll just ask mom and dad if one of them got into it"

Ari says "okay can i go back up to my room now i'm doing my homework?"

Ashley let's out another sigh and says"Yes you can" So

Ashley yells for her dad "DAD"

her dad yells back "YES ASHLEY"




Ari hears her and says "WOW THANKS ASH LOVE YOU TO"

Ashley says back "YOUR WELCOME" And chuckles at the end.

So it's the next day Ashley's dad takes her to school,on the way to school Ashley's dad "So are you gonna be okay when we talk to your principal? Ashley says back"Yeah i'll be fine thanks dad" Her dad says as they pull into the parking lot of the school "No problem sweetie" and smiles at her,they get out of the the car and walk into the office and her dad asks the office were the principal is so they showed him and they both made their way to the principals office so they handle the business and the girls get suspended from school for bullying,So ashley makes her way to class and her dad leaves for work the day moves on and the girls get home from school to find a note from their parents that they went out so they had a list of chores and to do their homework. A few hours have past by and their parents still weren't home Ari left them 4 voice mails and still nothing a few more hours past by and ashley said "Maybe we should call the police" so ari took the phone and called the police and reported that their parents have been missing for over 6 hours and they haven't been home yet The police said that they will look into it.

A few more days have past and their parents still didn't come home they two girls were both getting very worried and very sad they kept in touch with the police and since they have gone missing they have slept in their parents room every night since they went missing they here a knock at the door they both wipe their tears and go the door they see a police car and there are police at the door they came to let them know they found their parents car on a dirt road in the woods but no parents and they took the bad news really hard.


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