Revenge paid in Blood

This is going to be a rollplay of two sisters who are not normal,they are what you would call Vampires. More the less nobody believes in us but we are real and sometimes it's hard living the way we do but we have no choice,But we weren't born like this we were once human. So we are trying to find the one who did this to us and changed us into these monsters,We have been living like this for 15 years our parents died when we were just 10 years old and we just had each other until our whole lives changed.


2. Happy Birthday

It's been six months since their parents went missing so they decided since in a couple of days since they are turning 10 they will have the party anyway so they days past they still sleep in their parents room in their bed the police are still figuring things out so in the meantime they decorate for the party so the day hits when they decorate for the party so a couple of hours pass and they are having the party their friends came over and they are enjoying themselves and all of a sudden the get a knock at the door they both go to the door the police are standing there and they say

"Hello are you the Stones?"

they both say "Yes"

"We got some very bad news for you both"

They both hold each others hands and they say "Okay what is it"

"I'm afraid we found your parents bodies they were found in the lake at shore they are pretty banged up I'm afraid they were murdered"

They both gasp and they hug each other and they start crying and say " Are you sure it's them"

They say "yes I'm sure ma'am I am very sorry."

"it's alright we have to go," they say and they close the door.

Everyone at the party gathered around us as we cried everyone was telling us it was going to be alright and that every mom at the party would take care of us if we needed it. The two girls took the news very, very hard they didn't know what to do. Few hours later everyone left and they cleaned up the house, then as Ashley made dinner for the two of them.  They ate in silence and kept looking at the door hoping their parents would walk in at any moment. When they finished eating Ari did the dishes while Ashley cleaned the table when they were done they got ready for bed. They held each other tightly at night to scared to sleep alone. As they slept they heard a noise waking them up they stayed where they were to scared to go down stairs. Then Ashley got up and so did Ari they held hands as they went down stairs when they got down there Ashley turned on the lights and found a note on the door saying

"You're Next".

Ashley grabbed the phone and called the police. The woman answered with the same boring routine saying "911 what's your emergency"

Ashley responded as calmly as she could"We heard a noise and came downstairs to a note on the door saying you're next no one has a key but me and my sister please send someone here to our house"

The woman responded even calmer than Ashley "Someone is on their way as we speak please stay on the line"

Ashley stayed on the line till the police arrived. When they got there the lights were flashing and the girls were on the couch hugging each other. When the police knocked on the door  Ari got up and opened it and invited them in. The police then asked,

"Does anyone else have a key to your house?"

Ashley responded with a quick " No"

The police searched around the house and in the house. They waited for the police to finish and leave. When they left the girls went back to bed and never heard a sound the rest of the night. 

The morning came and they both were sound asleep then they heard a bang outside and they shot up and they got a bit startled from what happened last night but they looked out the window of their parents bedroom and it was just a stray cat digging in the trash so they got up to go to the kitchen to see if their parents would be there but they both remembered that they wouldn't be there anymore since they are dead,the girls are still taking the news hard but they are slowly getting over it they still get themselves breakfast do the normal things and everyone at school felt sorry for the girls.

Days past that turned into months they were starting to be happier now that they are getting over the fact that their parents had past away but they will never give up on who killed their parents they never stopped looking the police are still looking for their parents killer as well the two girls realized that they had a pretty bad birthday and that they probably won't ever have a good one because that would always be the day that they found out their parents had died.

So as they are growing up they realize everyday that they have to take care of each other and never stop they only have each other now and it's hard for them to know that they won't have their parents there for their first dances or when they graduate from high school, to know that they won't be there to see their first boyfriend nothing so they have to take care of each other.


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