Choosing is the story of Alex a teenage girl who was always invisible to everyone for most of her life. Now she's in high school and people are finally starting to see her and like her for who she is , specially guys , their noticing her more than she's use to. Now she's experiencing things that she never thought would even come close to happening to her. Alex is in a position where she can no longer run and hide from her problems, she has to suck it up and face the music the whole way through.


1. The Origin of Alex

Invisibility, not perceptible or discernible by the mind, that's what I use to be. It all started when I was five years old. As a kid growing up was hard, my family was poor we didn't have a lot but that's what happens when you come from a foreign country. I grew up with my cousin and his friends, as you're probably already assuming I was not a girly girl actually now that I think about I wasn't like the other girls. I was never afraid to be the only girl in a group of guys,I always wanted to be a princess and I made sure people knew, I was never afraid of being different because I liked everything about myself or so I thought. I remember I never worried about how I looked or how people saw me because I was completely confident in who I was and what I could do.I loved all the freedoms of hanging out with my cousin's friends , they were fun and adventurous and they transformed me into a fearless person, someone who could never be afraid to take a risk. Everything changed when I started Kindergarten because for the first time ever I felt like I didn't belong and my classmates made sure that I knew I didn't belong. My first day of Kindergarten I made a friend her name was Maria and she was the nicest person I had ever met, she was the only person who was nice to me. Everyone else looked at me like I was some kind of freak and to them I was, I didn't the newest shoes and I definitely wasn't setting any trends with my outfit but through all of that I was still me. Yes, they would make fun of me because I wasn't like them and frankly I never wanted to be because in one class I had only one friend but my one friend liked me just the way I was and she never asked anything else of me.Isn't amazing how one person who believes in you just as much as you believe in yourself can make your life that much easier, so yes those kids didn't like me but I didn't care because Maria was my true and only friend at the time and that's all that mattered to me. I guess she was kind of like my savior because she never let the other kids make fun of me or say things to me in english because I didn't understand. She was the only one that kept me strong the whole way, she was my friend becausshe wanted to be my friend and she never once asked me to be like all the other kids because lets face it that would be boring.......I can't be like everyone else even if I tried.Everything was going so well for me until Maria moved back to Venezuela half way through the first grade and then all hell broke loose in my world.The one person who protected me from the bullies I called my classmates was gone......I felt empty like if I had known her my whole life and I had just lost her. My only friend had left me and now I had to fight the wars that were to come all on my own , without anyone to protect me or help me ..... just me against them. Now I was in a war that I knew I would loose but it wasn't all that bad my cousin luckily had just moved back from Miami so I wasn't completely alone. I thought my cousin would help me out but like everyone else he changed, while we were in school all he ever did was hang out with his friends, and ignore me and when we were at home we were like brother and sister. We were like brother and sister but as time went by people would call me his sister and he would quickly correct them by telling them I was his cousin , I guess even to him I was kind of an embarrassment. I wasn't pretty, I hadn't done my eyebrows yet and I looked like Chewbacca but you can't become a swan without going through the ugly duckling stage. The ugly duckling stage really shows you who people are, it helps you identify your real friends from your fake friends. Most of my elementary school years were pretty bad....socially I mean in school though I was smart, I got good grades, I even had perfect attendance, I had all the brains and non of the popularity. Again most of my friends were guys except for my best friend Belle who was always there for me but we weren't always best friends, before our friendship we were rivals, always competing with each other or me always competing with her because I wanted to be just as good. My best friend is smart, friendly and everyone liked her and that's what I wanted so I was jealous of her but then I learned I shouldn't be jealous of my best friend... everyone else should be jealous of me because I have a best friend that is amazing and that is good at everything. I realized this and we've been best friends ever since but anyway......Oh I forgot to tell you about Nick the one guy I've had a crush since third grade when I first saw him. One day I'm walking in through the hallway and I see this guy aka Nick and I had the biggest crush on him but what I didn't know was that he was friends with my cousin. I know this sounds kind of lame but I use to hang out with my cousin and his friends just so that I could hang with him but it was completely useless considering he didn't even know I existed, he never even knew my name but that's romance for you, you can't choose who you like. Anyway I still think about him to this day, I think about what his life might be like now , is he still a bad boy or did he finally get his shit together. I think I would be okay with just knowing that he knows who I am even if he just knows my name that's good enough for me but who am I kidding I'll probably never see him again, who knew when people say that once you get a chance you should take it, they really mean it. Now I've said everything from losing my first best friend to finding a knew and having my first crush on a guy but there's so much more to be said.


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