Meadow Lane💀👻

Boom! Creak! That old house on Meadow Lane. Nobody ever went inside that house. Not even the homeless. The house went to sleep for years. But,on Friday,13 at 3:01am, it was awake. Wide awake...


1. Meadow Lane

The widows turned red,bloody red. The whole neighborhood started talking about Meadow Lane. Every one hundred years it awakens. But this time it's even more odd.

Why so t they tear it down? They CAN'T! It's like it has invisibility powers. Someone tried they died right after they tried. A dude took a selfie in the house. BIG MISTAKE! When he turned around,he saw like 30-49 ghosts. He ran away like a big baby.

The house was built on an really freaky cemetery. The cemetery was the most haunted in the USA. If you go to the house stay and listen... KA-BOOMY! You will fall in a persons coffin. Someone did that last year,and she is still down there.

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