Taken Away

Selena is a 16 year old student at the Lincoln Private School straight A's no less. But during the school year she meets a new guy named Ashton who shares the same interest but she soon notices they have way too much in common. As she tries to escape from him she finds herself being taken hostage and wont be let go till her death do her apart. Amber Alert is all over the news about her for her parents to find her and want her to be safe. She wants to know what the guys want and why they took her to be exact will she ever escape the horror or will she stay kept hidden away where no one will know where she really is....


1. Taken

​//Selena P.O.V//

I wake up slapping my alarm and standing up looking over to my roommates bed seeing her still sleep like always as I walked over to my closet and grabbed my uniform walking into the bathroom and getting undressed turning on the water for a hot shower. I jumped in and after about 40 minutes I got out an blow dried my hair and got dressed in my school uniform. I put my hair in a bun and walked out putting my books in my messenger bag and throwing it onto my shoulder.   I walked out closing the door and started to walk I had no friends to be honest and I really didn't care I needed to focus on my studies to get into college so I wasn't really bothered by the fact I had no friends it never really crossed my mind till now. I walked into English class and walked all the way to the back and sat down pulling out my notebook starting the lesson which was given to us. The class was pretty quiet till I felt a thump in the chair next to me as I turned and saw a boy with curly hair I smiled and he smiled back sitting down and pulling out his notebook I had caught myself staring so I quickly looked away feeling my cheeks burn up.   Ashton: you look cute blushing Me: oh um thank you Ashton: you welcome I'm ashton by the way Me: Selena   He smiled and nodded and started to do the lesson but I felt his eyes on me but every time I looked at him he would look away which was kind of cute I guess. The bell rung and I grabbed my things and started walking towards the door for my math class when I was pulled back so I turned and saw Ashton I smiled and he smiled back moving his hand to mines and walking out first before I could walk out. People stared at us shocked since I never had a guy I didn't know if it was good or bad but I loved it for sure as we walked into math class and sat down.   Me: how did you know I had math class Ashton: your schedule is in your binder and we have all the classes together so it wasn't hard at all but to look at the binder and compare the classes Me: oh I forgot I had that but why did you grab my hand Ashton: it's nice to escort a pretty lady like you to her classes like a gentleman should   I blushed again at his comment and started my work listening to the teacher during the lesson but Ashton on the other hand moved his hand to my thigh which made me feel nervous as I looked at him he smiled and returned his attention back to the teacher and started to write. Again the bell ringed as Ashton grabbed my hand and walked the opposite way of our class to science pulling me outside and going to the parking lot.   Me: I can't skip class Ashton Ashton: it's one class trust me please   I sighed and got in the car with him and he locked the door starting it up and started to speed as I closed my eyes trying to calm down. The car stopped and I opened my eyes to see us on Make out lane I looked at him and he smiled. I never kissed a guy I never had a boyfriend he started talking about all the things he loved which were really my things I loved we had a lot in common. I thought how did he have everything so similar to me I was creeped out as I took off the seatbelt and unlocked the door getting out and started to walk. I felt a hand yank me back and I hit another person Ashton.   Ashton: where are you going Me: your creeping me out I'm leaving Ashton: NO YOUR NOT   I jumped and pushed him looking around running till a car pulled up it stopped and a guy got out with 2 guys following him. I started to explain till one grabbed me I screamed my lungs out as I started to kick. One of my shoes flew off as I started to fight with them. As I screamed my mouth was covered I bit the hand and he screamed throwing me as my head hit the ground I could see black spots till everything faded away.   //Calum P.O.V// She bit my finger as I threw her she hit the ground hard I looked at her as my eyes widen I looked at the guys as Michael rushed next to her. I groaned and walked over as Luke was on the phone with someone I saw blood trickling out just a little I sighed as Michael handed her to me and walked to ashton. I picked up up and opened the car door throwing her in and slamming the door looking at the blood on the pavement.   Michael: why the fuck were you so rough with her Me: she bit me hard I didn't know my throw could hurt her like that Michael: what the hell are we going to Luke Luke: Boss wants us to keep her   My head snapped to him and I punched the car walking the sid eof the car and got in slamming the door. The guys got in as they started to drive I looked out the window and turned to the back where Luke was holding her cleaning the blood off the side of her head. Michael pulled up to the house and got out as we all got out while Luke carried her in. He put her in her room and we all sat down at the dining table what the fuck was the boss thinking of making us keep her in our house.   Ashton: Boss wants one of us to marry her Me: WHAT THE FUCK HE SAID NOTHING ABOUT MARRIAGE Ashton: CALM THE FUCK DOWN CALUM Michael: what are we going to tell her Luke: we gotta think   Hours passed and we all got tired we went to our rooms and fell asleep. I woke up at 4:53 and walked to Selena's room where she was still sleep. I closed the door and walked to her bed climbing in and cuddling her as she snuggled against me wrapping a arm around me. What were we going to tell her when she wakes up I had to think as I drifted off to sleep.                                                                                                                                        


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