The love of a Chibi

see the life of a girl who gets bullied din middle school and imagines up a friend to get her through it. will she soon get to make some friends and maybe get notice from that cute boy who sits next to her in english class. Find out in The love of a Chibi.


2. My first new friend

I get up and get ready for school, yesterday was a horrible set back i'm hoping today is better. Plus Chiwa is here with me if it doesn't go well I know at least he'll be here for me.

"Good morning Dahlia, how are you feeling." China asks. "better now that i've gotten some sleep i'm ready to start a new day but better this time." I say trying to be as positive as possible.

"Atta girl, let's go and start the day." I smile at chiwa and we start walking to school.

We get to school and I go to my class. At least one thing will be good about today i'll get to see Donny.

I sit at my desk waiting for the first bell to ring when Donny walks in. When he first see's me he smiles and waves and I wave back. Wow he remembered me thats never happened before. 

He sit's at his desk and starts to ask be a question but gets interrupted by the teacher. "Hello class, I trust that your first day yesterday went well?" she asks. That's the last thing I want to think about, yesterday. Everyone in class said yes except me, I stayed silent and slouched in my seat. 

"That's great let's have a great days as well." she says happily. "It's ok Dahlia keep thinking positive today will be better." China whispered int my ear and I nod my head. Right I must stay positive and happy if I want to get through this. But it would be nice if I had just one friend.

English class ends and I start to exit the class when Donny stops me. "Hey Dahlia wait up!" he yells. "Yeah?" 

"Well I was wondering if you would like to do our english project together, english isn't my best subject." he asks. "Yeah I would love to help you." I say excitedly. Yes so far so good.

"Great, how bout I come over to your house after school to work on it." 

"Yeah that's cool." I say trying to act cool. I can't believe this is happening I might actually make a friend today. "Great, I'll see you after school then." he says walking backwards toward his next class. "Yeah." I'm so happy my heart could burst.

"That was great Dahlia, see I told you today would be better." Chiwa says proudly. "Thanks Chiwa, what would I do without you." I say happily. I seriously don't know what I would do without him, he's my bestes friend in the whole entire world even if nobody else can see him.

I walk into my next class and sit at my desk but what I see written on my desk makes my breath freeze. There right on my desk is written DISGUSTING WEIRDO, GO BACK TO WERE YOU CAME FROM, WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE. I can feel a horrible sick feeling in my stomach and hot tears in my eyes begging to be released, but I won't let them I must stay strong. But I can't move I just stand there staring at my desk. Everyone is laughing at me, the tears I can't hold them back anymore and they won't stop. The teacher walks in and see's the class laughing and pointing at me. She sees me standing by my desk with tears running down my face.

"Quiet!" she yells and everyone becomes silent. She walks up to me and asks me what happened but before she can finish she see's what's on the desk. I feel so embarrassed right now I can't even speak so instead I run, I run straight to the bathroom all the way without stoping.

I find a empty stall and lock myself in it. The minute I sit down hot tears start to stream down my face. "Dahlia breath just breath focus on that for right now." Chiwa says soothingly. I do as Chiwa says and breath. Once I have controlled my tears Chiwa starts to sing a little song to me to calm me down a song my grandmother used to sing to me when I would get hurt. 

"Load the car and write the note, grab your bag and grab your coat. Tell the ones that need to know, we are headed north." I immediately start to relax. I love this song it reminds me of my grandmother who loved me very much and let's me know everything is going to be ok. Chiwa starts to get to the end of the song. "Three words that became hard to say. I and Love and You, I and Love and You, I and Love and You."

I finally feel completely ok now so I nod at Chiwa and pat myself down. I walk out of the stall and splash my face with some water then walk out of the bathroom. The bell rings for lunch so I decide to go to the library and read. I'm feeling better but not enough to were I can eat just yet. 

I walk into the library and sit on the small couch they have in the back. I pull out my book called "What happened with good bye." By Sarah Dessen, I love her books there my favorite and she's my favorite author. What's best about reading books is that I can get lost in a whole other world and not worry about my problems.

I read until the bell rings then I pack my stuff up and head to my vocals class. I can't wait to lose myself into the music. I get to my vocal glass and sit down in my chair I wait for the teacher to hand us our sheet music when someone enters the room.

Donny? What is he doing here?

He walks up to our music teacher and gives him a note the teacher tells him to take a seat. he turns around and spots me so he comes and sits by me. It seems like this boy is the only good thing happening to me today.

"Hey I didn't know you were in this class?" he said. "Yep I didn't know you were in here either."

"Well actually I switched classes, seminar was a little to boring for me and I love to sing." he said happily. "Oh well so do I."

"Are you a good singer?"He asks. "Well maybe ok but i'm not great, and you."

"I'm the best there is." he says jokingly. I giggle and say "Well I guess you'll just have to prove it to me." I Joke. "Well I guess I do." 

The teacher tells us to open our music and to get ready. When the music starts and we start to sing I can hear Donny's voice and he wasn't kidding he has a really pretty voice. I think I just might like my vocal class more now especially with Donny's beautiful voice right next to mine.

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