The love of a Chibi

see the life of a girl who gets bullied din middle school and imagines up a friend to get her through it. will she soon get to make some friends and maybe get notice from that cute boy who sits next to her in english class. Find out in The love of a Chibi.


3. Donny

The day ends and Donny and I head to my house to start our project. I think it's always best to see the good in the bad and focus on that it can help you get through it all. I think it's helping me, right now Donny is the good in all my bad, well Donny and Chiwa. 

We walk into my house and say Hi to my parents, then head up to my room to gat started. "So, did you understand anything from what Mrs. Alekintine said?" Donny asks.

"Yep, and your in luck english happens to be one of my best subjects." I say proudly. "Well i'm glad I asked for your help." He says smiling at me. I blush and look down at my work. Donny eyes start to wonder around my bedroom. I'm glad it's clean that would be embarrassing if he saw my room in a pig sty. His eyes played on a picture of my grandmother and me when I ways seven.

"Who's the woman holding you?" he asks with complete interest. "That's my grandmother Rosy." I explain.

"She looks young and beautiful." he says. "Yeah she was always known for her beauty. My grandpa always told me stories on how they met and how he just couldn't resist her beauty." I say in awe. 

"You seem to love your grandmother very much are you close?" he asks. "Was, before she died last year. Sometimes I wish she was still her to give me guidance and her love." I say sadly.

He looks at me like he's trying to figure me out. "What?" I ask. "Nothing I was just thinking how beautiful the bond between your grandmother and you had and the fact that you look a lot like her."I look at him and blush. He said I look like my grandmother and a second ago he said my grandmother was beautiful. I hope i'm not overthinking this.

"You said I look like my grandmother and before you said my grandmother is beautiful? I said more as a question than a statement. "HAHA you caught on to that huh." he says more as a statement than a question.

"We should probably get to the project before time runs out." He says. Oh no did I say to much, why can't I ever keep my mouth shut. "Yeah sure." 

We work on the project together and get most of it done. When it's time for him to go home I walk him to the door. "Well thanks for your help Dahlia." Donny says. "Yeah no problem, anytime." I say happily. He smiles and leaves. You know maybe if I learn to keep my mouth shut I bet we could be friends.

"I'm glad your happy Dahlia and that your starting to make some friends." Chiwa says to me. "Thanks Chiwa, Let's go have some pie, I know you love it." I say excitedly. "See this is why I love you." Chiwa says. We laugh and in-gorge ourselves in some apple pie, Chiwa's favorite.



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