The love of a Chibi

see the life of a girl who gets bullied din middle school and imagines up a friend to get her through it. will she soon get to make some friends and maybe get notice from that cute boy who sits next to her in english class. Find out in The love of a Chibi.


5. Chiwa

I get home from the park and Chiwa is standing on my bed with a worried look on his face.

"Where have you been?" he says angrily. 

"I went to the park, you were asleep and i didn't want to wake you i'm sorry." I said apologetically. He sighs and jumps on top of my shoulders.

"Next time you should wake me I don't want another repeat of last year." Chiwa says with relief.

"I know Chiwa and it won't i'm doing so much better this year I have donny now my first friend." I understand why he would be worried what happened to me last year was horrifying, I still get nightmares from it.

"Yes and thats great, but i'm still worried about the other's." I wish we could stop talking about this i really don't like to talk about sixth grade what happened in sixth grade was the worst people were so cruel. Sometimes I wish I was like everyone else at least then people wouldn't treat me so badly at least then people would want to become my friend. But grandmother always told me that being me is the best thing that I could ever be because there's no other person like me.

"Dahlia, dinners ready!" mother yells.

"Ok be down in a sec!" I yell back. My mother thinks that Chiwa is a figure of my imagination that I made up to take over the spot of my grandmother but the thing she doesn't get is that no one could take my grandmothers spot. no one could give me the same love my grandmother gave me. That's why i'll always treasure her in my heart and i'll never let it break so that way I may never forget her.

We go down and eat dinner, me and my mother talk for awhile then I head back upstairs to do some homework.

"It's been a long day chiwa what shall we do tomorrow sense it will be Sunday." I ask.

"Let's sleep all day." he says happily.

"Thats all you ever do chiwa." i laugh.

"Because sleeping is nice and i'm always tired." 

"Chiwa your so silly. Sleep and pumpkin pie your two favorite things, I know let's go to the mall tomorrow and we can get some pie and maybe we can go to the arcade." I say excitedly.

"Not as good as sleeping except the pie part but ok i'll go."

"Great!" tomorrows going to be so fun I can't wait.

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